Ten Things Chris the Farmer Needs to Know to be the Next Bachelor


Today we found out that Chris will indeed be the next bachelor. I know many of you thought this decision was made months ago but the truth is, the network was toggling between Chris and Arie for weeks.

In the end, they went with Chris. Truth be told, I think he’ll make a great bachelor. Yes I’m bummed they didn’t choose my buddy Arie, but I truly think it was a win-win for the network; I think either guy would have been a good fit.

With that said, I’m rooting for Chris, not only to find the same happiness I was lucky enough to find but to reenergize the franchise with an exciting season.

Before I began my stint as The Bachelor, I wished someone who had walked in the bachelor shoes would’ve given me some guidance.  After all, it’s tough to prepare for that kind of adventure.

With that in mind, I though it would be fun to equip Chris with some of my hard-won knowledge before he begins the “most dramatic journey” of his life.

Here are 10 things Chris needs to know to ensure a successful run as the bachelor:

  1. Don’t ever tell a girl “ees okay.” That doesn’t go over well.
  2. Don’t kiss someone when the other girls are watching. Trust me on this one.
  3. Have fun with it all. It’s only going to work if you relax and let loose.
  4. If the girls tell you someone is crazy, trust them. I found this out the hard way.
  5. What happens in the Fantasy Suite, doesn’t stay in the Fantasy Suite. Try not to do anything stupid in there.
  6. Enjoy the personal stylist and hair dresser. This is the only time in your life it will be acceptable to use either.
  7. When in doubt, ditch the shirt. Apparently the chicks dig it.
  8. Give it to ’em straight. When you’re sending a girl home, tell her exactly why. They’ll respect you a lot more in the end.
  9. It’s okay to wear a scarf. It’s not okay to wear a scarf on every date.
  10. Only propose at the end if you know you can’t possibly live the rest of your life without her. It worked for me.

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