A new word has entered our political discourse – fake news. It was the term first used by the Democrats to describe the fabrication of news stories that they believed doomed their candidate. The term has been co-opted by President Trump and the Republicans to denigrate news stories they do not like. So what has happened is now those on the left and on the right are hurling accusations of fake news stories at each other. There actually are efforts… Read more

At one time, conservative Christians were highly likely link private morality to fitness for office. But not anymore. Read more

One of my facebook friends sent me this Ted video. She knows how much I have been preaching active listening. If you have 20 minutes, please view it. If you do not have 20 minutes right now, then I suggest you bookmark it for later. You will not be disappointed. Here is a quick synopsis of the video. A black man decided to go undercover on the alt-right. He created a profile of someone who would be sympathetic to the… Read more

President’s Trump argument that there was hate on all sides literally takes the wind out of the sails of those of us fighting some of the anti-free speech elements in the left. Read more

If one is still inclined to link BLM to KKK, please consider the foolishness of those who say that Trump is like Hitler. Read more

Individuals are making their political decisions based on what is best for their particular group as the major, and perhaps only, criteria. Read more

I spent the first two of my first three blog entries (seen here and here) introducing myself. Now I am ready to dive into issues. As I stated in the first blog, I will tend to alternate between long essays and short pieces. This will be my first longer essay, and I will start with some of my latest research. As a Christian I have wondered about the possibility of Christians becoming united. In racial issues this would mean multiracial… Read more

As a Christian the most influential book in my life is the Holy Bible. Nothing else comes close. But if I were to name the second most influential book I have read, then my inclination is to say The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn. I read it in graduate school, and it shook my world. I think every graduate student in the sciences needs to read this book. For those of you not familiar with this book, Kuhn… Read more

It was the anti-free speech left that did this. I think a lot of Christian conservatives would be quite willing to call a truce on getting people fired for their political or religious opinions. Read more

Welcome. Let me introduce myself. My name is George Yancey. I am a sociology professor at the University of North Texas and this is my inaugural entry for Shattering Paradigms. Allow me to take this opportunity to let you know more about me and how I think. Then perhaps you can decide if you want to take the journey with me as I explore the issues of the day. My blogging history began in 2010 with an unknown blog called… Read more

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