When I woke up Monday morning and turned on the television, I was horrified, along with most of the nation, to learn of the mass shooting tragedy that occurred in Las Vegas. As I watched the news shows to get more information, shocked that this madness had visited our country once more, I had another sinking feeling come over me. I knew that I would not get a chance to mourn the event very long before the gun debate would… Read more

This seems pretty simply. Republicans should reach out to people of color, and Democrats should reach out to the religious. But neither of them do. Read more

Can we, as a society, deal with cultural differences and maintain our national identity? Read more

As most of you know, the NFL this weekend was full of players protesting the National Anthem. I have been a big-time football fan for most of my life. For reasons not having to do with the issues surrounding the recent protests, I have reduced my watching of the NFL. I am not boycotting it. My wife is a big-time Dallas Cowboys fan, and so the TV will have the Cowboys on when they play. But I really do not… Read more

Many people believe that if they allow their political enemies to have free speech rights, they may use those rights to bring back oppression. Read more

It seems that about every six months or so I see an article arguing that the political or religious disparities in academia haves little to do with bias and much to do with self-selection. Read more

In my last blog entry I pointed out several incidents where students were attempting to shut down free speech. In that blog I looked at research that suggested a larger strategy for how dealing with the emergence of the anti-free speech movement was for professors and diversity programs to be more sophisticated and nuanced. I have little doubt that some professors and diversity trainers would not want such a solution. Many of them are quite happy with the results they… Read more

One way out of this situation is to teach real critical thinking. That means to provide a more nuanced presentation than complaining about cis heterosexual white men. Read more

Next week I am going to concentrate on the issue of academic freedom and the anti-free speech movement on college campuses. But today I will provide a paraphrased presentation I gave in my classes this semester. This is the talk I presented to my classes after I handed out my syllabus and told the students a little about myself. In these principles presented to my students, I think you will see how this relates to next week’s topic. (By the… Read more

Last year I offered progressives an opportunity to show their ideological consistency. Many of them had affirmed that Christians have a right to be free in their own churches as long as they stayed out of the public square. I do not accept such a “deal.” I believe that conservative Christians have just as much of a right to the public square as any other group. But if progressives were being honest, then they should have been upset at Eric… Read more

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