I finally have my Amazon button!

Actually, it’s a widget, or, in layman’s terms, “thingy.”  If you’ll just scroll down a bit and look to the right, just below “subscribe by email to the blog,” you will see it.  You can search for books and other products on Amazon and see the results right in the box, without leaving this page.

Then, if you click on something, it takes you to Amazon.

The reason this is a big deal is because I have an Amazon Associates account, and I get a percentage of all sales made through my links or widget.  The reason that is a big deal is because my nine rotten, spoiled kids expect to get birthday presents every single year.  I cannot even tell you how helpful it is to have Amazon credits, and how much I appreciate it when people buy things through my links!

So if you’re ordering something big or small, for yourself or for your business, please consider going through my site!  Thanks a million, guys!

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  • Monica H

    My dad gave me money to buy this crazy (awesome) exersaucer for the little guy, so now I think I’m gonna have to order it from Amazon!