RIP, Lou Reed, who understood his own talent completely

The man hated hippies, didn’t have a singing voice, and didn’t give a shit.

Rolling Stone:

Glam, punk and alternative rock are all unthinkable without his revelatory example. “One chord is fine,” he once said, alluding to his bare-bones guitar style. “Two chords are pushing it. Three chords and you’re into jazz.”

Listen closely, hear his tender heart:

Here’s something written by Dostoevsky, more or less:

And here’s something by The Shirelles, in an alternate universe:

Rest in peace, Lou Reed.

P.S. While the secular world stockpiled canned goods and ammo for Y2K, the Vatican declared a Jubilee and invited Lou Reed to play.


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  • Sara McD

    Hubby and I are sad today. Hardly a day goes by Heroin doesn’t go through my head and remind me of waiting for busses in the sleet.

  • richard

    I first learned of his death from the Breaking News app. In the first video I seem to hear a faint echo of Buddy Holly in the accompaniment.

  • As soon as I heard of his death I checked my iTunes library to see how much of his music I had; not nearly enough, and I’ll have to remedy that.

  • packpackpack

    “I’ll Be Your Mirror” is one of the sweetest, purest declarations of love ever composed. Thank you for that, Lou.

  • echarles1

    His version of September Song will always be my favorite.

  • AshleyWB

    The “secular world” stockpiled canned goods and ammo for Y2K? I guess I imagined myself fixing Y2K-related bugs that year so that technologically oblivious writers could still open their Word docs. I must have hallucinated going out to celebrate New Years while Christians I knew cowered at home with shotguns waiting for the Rapture.

    By the way, that Jubilee you mentioned? It was in May of 2000, months after we knew that the work of thousands of programmers had paid off. Bold move.

    • simchafisher

      Yeah, the thing I like the most about techies is their highly developed sense of humor. It makes them so enjoyable around to which to be.