Oh, New Hampshire.

We got our dog, Boomer, when he was one year old.  It wasn’t a name we would have chosen, but it suits him pretty well; and we didn’t want to confuse him, so we kept the name, and we’ve been calling him Boomer since Christmas.

Today I dug up his vet records so I could get his license.  Turns out . . .

I guess I’ll go git it engraved on his colla.

  • Amelia Bentrup

    Ha, ha. I’m from RI so I TOTALLY can hear it now!

  • Dan F.

    That sounds like a good idear…

  • Anna

    Yep, our Art and Architecture prof was from New England and so we spent plenty of Rome walking tours listening to details about the “Madonner and Child.”

  • Cathy J

    They spelled it wrong–it needs an “h”—Boomah
    I can hear it now….

  • http://californiatokorea.com/ Micaela

    That. Is. Awesome.