Ecumenical Jury at Cannes awards Ken Loach’s “Looking for Eric”

excumenicaql jury at cannes

On its 35 anniversary the 2009 Ecumenical Jury awards its Prize to

Looking for Eric

by Ken Loach

Director Ken Loach

Director Ken Loach

United Kingdom, 2009

For its great artistic quality and it’s humoristic, optimistic and humanist approach of the crisis faced by contemporary society. The film portrays values that are often under fire today such as friendship, solidarity, the importance of family and dialogue towards oneself and the other. Which the mythical Cantona summarizes in one sentence: “The best action I remember is not a goal but an assist”.


And a Commendation to

 Members of the 2009 Jury (Interfilm & SIGNIS): Radu Mihaileanu, President, France; Serge Molla, Switzerland; Alina Birzache, Romania; Federico Pontiggia, Italy; Claudette Lambert, Canada; Jean-Michel Zucker, France



Das Weisse Band (The White Ribbon)

by Michael Haneke


Germany, 2009

A profound film of beautiful formal and cinematographical craft that moved all of us, reminding us to beware of the symptoms of our inner violence that also breeds social and political violence.

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