“Praying” favorites: Kayla’s Grandma Carolyn writes again… asking for prayers!


  Kayla’s Grandma Carolyn emailed Sr. Frances again to ask for prayers for Kayla tonight on “So You Think You Can Dance” (Fox).  True, it looks like we are “praying” favorites, but because the Sisters met Grandma Carolyn and Kayla, well, now we are friends…. (We pray for all, but maybe one or two extra for Kayla…)

Hi Sr Frances,

 How R U?

 This is Kayla’s Grandma again…. 

 Kayla enjoyed meeting all of you and is just honored to have such support as ur convent.  

 Please keep the prayers coming..Kayla especially needs them and so do we all.

Than-Q all for watching, voting and praying for Kayla.  Please let all the Sister’s know how much we appreciate them.

 Please do not forget to vote….

 U all have been wonderful and we will never forget what u all have done.

 Almost breathing, Grandma…