Glee TV


I don’t know if you caught Fox’s new show (the special premiere last May or preivews this past week) but I think it is going to be on my “must see” television list. An ordinary-looking teacher restarts the school’s glee club, a mix of singing and dancing, only to discover he and his wife are having a baby and he needs to change jobs to make more money. But can he let go of a chance to fulfill his life’s secret passion?

This is high school the musical – ongoing.

When the show ended this week, I thought, “This show has a beautiful, good heart.”  The talent is amazing; I bet most of the students are in the 20’s, but oh well. It also promises to be very funny (Jane Lynch).

You’ll recognize the actors; they have done time on Heroes, Nip/Tuck, Numbers, and one of my favorite short-lived shows, Veronica Mars (2004-2007).

They play kids who are awkward, nerds, jocks, pretty,  and “plus” sized: a diverse mix.

I hope the show lives up to its promise. I’ll be watching….

Fox, Wednesdays 9/8.

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