Catholics in Media Awards February 28: The Hurt Locker; GLEE; Sr. Rose Pacatte

Catholics in Media will honor THE HURT LOCKER and GLEE on February 28. It seems funny to add my own name on my blog, but I  am humbled and grateful to be receiving the Board of Directors Award.

Check here for the news release and ticket information: Catholics in Media Awards set for February 28

‘McFarland USA’ – I love, love, love this movie
2015 Oscar nominees default to (mostly white) men
Catholics in Media to award “The Monuments Men”, “Cesar’s Last Fast” and “CBS Sunday Morning” on June 1
The perfect book for Lent (and pictures from the book signing!)
  • Julia

    I haven’t seen the Hurt Locker yet, but I’m so intrigued with all the awards it is getting.

    I LOVE Glee, but wondering what makes it ‘Catholic in Media’ award-worthy? Would love to hear your insights!