What people are saying about the new pope!

Watch late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel’s reporter interview people on the street about the new pope!

Even though, as yet, there is not a new pope.


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Remember, these people will vote, probably marry and have children. These are the people to whom the new Holy Father will want to direct the new evangelization. The good news is, these young people have good hearts. But what a commentary.

  • BAsil

    New Pope (God help him) won’t make any difference.
    It is childish to think putting women in as Catholic clergy or Popes brings in all good automatically. If the Baptists were rampant with pedophiles would putting Baptist women in as ministers clean it up?? Common sense would not suggest that. Unless you chose to believe all single people are pedophiles. Does being single cause someone to become a pedophile? Remember how putting women in Congress would change everything?? Senator Dianne Feinstein (CA) is a leader in passing laws to take people’s guns away.

    The condom prevents conception–no abortion involved–if a light ray gadget was invented that was easier to use than condoms & prevented conception the Catholic Church would probably be against that too.

    The fact that the Pope wants to be a humble and holy man is good, but not having had a lung since he was 15 is bad. You need 2 lungs to have your brain develop normally so you can think clearly, he only has one. Probably was why he was slower in putting on the official robes before he walked to the balcony. It makes you slower (in order to survive). He will be politically manipulated. Read up on living with one lung if you don’t believe this. Our elections are fixed so this was prob. fixed too for a purpose.

    The Popes should stop railing against the homosexual pretend “marriages” and spend more effort helping Catholics heal themselves like they used to, with herbs and natural methods, (rather than lung surgery).
    The Church popularized anti-abortion, rather than popularizing the natural healing of people like H.R. Clark, Ph.D., Raymond Rife, Dr.Gerson, many others.

    The Catholic Church advertizes natural family planning through the thermal rhythm method—WHAT HAPPENED TO NATURAL FAMILY HEALING OF DISEASE BY NATURAL SAFE MEANS??! They used to. The monks of old were known for their herbal formulas and such for disease prevention.

    Why is only the rhythm method of birth control left from all that????????

    No one wonders or cares.