First place award from the Catholic Press Association for Sr. Rose

First place award from the Catholic Press Association for Sr. Rose June 22, 2013


“Fourth of July parade, 2011, Independence, Calif.,” by photographer Craig Semetko, from his project “America — E Pluribus Unum” (©Craig Semetko, 2012)


I was very pleased and grateful to discover that my column (three pieces) had received a first place award from the Catholic Press Association last night in Denver for contributions in 2012. My pieces appear in Arts & Opinion in the National Catholic Reporter in print and online

Media’s part in the Culture of Guns

Bows, Arrows and a Sword: Girls rock this year in film

Summer’s Independent Summer Road Trip

National Newspapers/ Regular Column

First Place

National Catholic Reporter, Kansas City, MO, “”Bows, arrows and a sword: Girls rock this year on film,” “Cinema’s independent summer road trip,” “The media’s part in a culture of guns”” by Rose Pacatte

Nice mix of columns and commentary. The guns column made some very thoughtful and probably unpopular points in an effective way.

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