Naked – Nearly

Everybody needs some inspiration …

"Naked," Avril Lavigne
"Nan, You're a Window Shopper," Lily Allen
"Nao Esperanto," Kirsty MacColl
"The Narrow," Matt Jones
"The National Anthem," Radiohead
"Natural," Howard Jones
"Natural Blues," Moby
"Natural Gift," The Kinks
"Nature Boy," Nat King Cole
"Ne Me Quitte Pas," Nina Simone
"Near You Always," Jewel
"Nearer Than Heaven," The Delays
"Nearly Lost You," Screaming Trees

It wasn't until I saw the juxtaposition of Lily Allen and Kirsty MacColl here that I realized, ah, so that's who she reminds me of.

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  • wanderingoutlaw

    “The Name of the Game” – Amanda Seyfried & Stellan Skarsgård (from Mamma Mia! soundtrack)
    “Nancy Whiskey” – Roger McGuinn
    “Nanook Rubs It” – Frank Zappa
    “Nashville Skyline Rag” – Bob Dylan
    “Nashville West” – The Byrds
    “Near Wild Heaven” – R.E.M.

  • “Naked Eye” – The Who
    “Name Der Rose” – Qntal
    “Nancy Boy” – Placebo
    “Nature Trail to Hell” – Weird Al Yankovic

  • LeRoc

    “Naita” – Ojos de Brujo
    “Names Of The Kingdom” – The Doors
    “Nana” – Ojos de Brujo
    “Nana burucu” – Ache Ile Oba
    “Não Brinco Mais” – Samba De Coco Raízes de Arcoverde
    “Não Deixe O Samba Morrer” – Maria Rita
    “Não Deu” – Djavan
    “Não existe pecado ao sul do equador” – Chico Buarque
    “Não Interessa Não” – Orquestra Contemporânea de Olinda
    “Não Quero Mais Saber Dela” – Arlindo Cruz & Sombrinha
    “Não Sou Mais Disso” – Beth Carvalho
    “Naquela Serra” – Maciel Salu E O Terno Do Terreiro
    “Narcolypso” – Dwyer-Jones-Whitaker
    “Nascedouro” – Nação Zumbi
    “Nasci Com Dois Dentes” – Dona Célia Coquista
    “Natural Mystic” – Bob Marley & The Wailers
    “Natural Roots” – Marcelo Santana
    “Nature Boy” – Caetano Veloso
    “Nature of the Experiment” – Tokyo Police Club
    “Navio Negreiro” – Maria Bethânia
    “Nawo Nawo” – Oumou Sangaré
    “Nawuliranga” – Charles & Frida Sonko w. Orch Melo Success
    “Naz-tee May’en” – Fishbone
    “Ndezwaku” – Mhlanga & Van der Westen
    “Ndiaga Niaw” – Orchestre Baobab
    “Ndiwe” – Mhlanga & Van der Westen
    This time it really pays to live in Brazil ;)

  • Jon P

    Avril Lavigne? Seriously?
    Naked – Goo Goo Dolls
    Name – Goo Goo Dolls
    Narcolepsy – Ben Folds Five
    Nearly Beloved – The Wallflowers

  • “Narcolepsy,” Ben Folds Five
    “The Nature,” Talib Kweli f/Justin Timberlake

  • Noah Ramon

    More later, but really :
    “Naked” – by BoDeans
    I mean, you missed that one?

  • Vermic

    “Namasté”, Beastie Boys
    “Name”, Rancid
    “Narayan”, The Prodigy
    “Nasty Habits”, Oingo Boingo
    “Ne-Ne Na-Na Na-Na Nu-Nu”, Bad Manners
    “The Nearly Man”, Lightning Seeds

  • Naled – The BoDeans
    Naked and Savage – Mission
    Naked Lunch (exerpt read by Wm. S. Burroughs)
    The Name Game – Devine
    The Nameless Soul – The Residents
    Nanana – Royal Crescent Mob
    Nancy Reagan’s Head – Mission of Burma
    Nancy Whiskey – Shane MacGowan & the Popes
    Nanou 2 – Aphex Twin
    Naomi – Neutral Milk Hotel
    Napalm (Terminal Patient) – SPK
    Napalm Limit – In Slaughter Natives
    Narayan – The Prodigy
    Narc – Interpol
    The Narrow Gate – Raison D’Etre
    The Nasty – Anton Tobin
    Nasty Habits – Oingo Boingo
    Nasty Nasty – Die Toten Hosen
    Nathan’s Phase – The Chameleons
    Nation – Death in June
    The National Anthem of Nowhere – David J
    National Education Week – 10,000 Maniacs
    Native Son – The Judybats
    Natural’s Not In It – Gang of Four
    Natural Blues – Moby
    The Naturalist – The Hafler Trio
    Nature’s Way – This Mortal Coil
    Nature Boy – David J
    Nature Boy – Nick Cave and the Bad Seads
    Natureland – Amon Tobin
    Natures Revenge – Skinny Puppy
    The Navajo Know – Pixies
    Navigator – The Pogues
    Navras – June Reactor
    Navy Cut – Calexico
    Nazarene – The Wake
    Nazi Killer – Christian Death
    Near the Fire – Controlled Bleeding
    Near the Water – Controlled Bleeding
    Near Wild Heaven – R.E.M.
    Near You – Marlene Dietrich

  • Lots of good stuff this week! I regret that I do not have “Naked Man” by Randy Newman.
    Naked, If I Want To – Cat Power
    Nanook Of The North – Thee Headcoats
    Napalm – Rubella Ballet
    Narcissus – The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band
    The Narrow Way (Parts 1, 2 , & 3) – Pink Floyd
    Nasal Retentive Calliope Music – The Mothers Of Invention
    Nashville Cats – The Lovin’ Spoonful
    Nashville Radio – Jon Langford
    National Brotherhood Week – Tom Lehrer
    The Natives Are Restless – The Cramps
    Natty Don’t Go – Cornel Campbell
    Natty Kick Like Lightning – Dillinger
    Natty Universal Dread – Big Youth
    Natural History – The Desperate Bicycles
    Nature Without Man – The Minutemen
    Navigator – The Pogues
    The Nazz – Lord Buckley

  • Schrodingers Duck

    Na Na Na Na Naa – Kaiser Chiefs
    Narc – Interpol
    Nature_1 – Muse
    After that, there’s a whole bunch of Arcade Fire songs starting with “Neighbourhood” that don’t quite make it onto the list.

  • wow, lots of songs this week, all highly recommended:
    “Naked As We Came” – Iron & Wine
    “Naomi” – Neutral Milk Hotel
    “Napoleon” – Ani Difranco
    “Narcissus” – Patricia Barber
    “Nardis” – Patricia Barber
    “Native Land” – Paul Robeson
    “Natural Anthem” – Postal Service
    “Natural Mystic (Live)” – Luka Bloom
    “Natural Resources” – Utah Phillips & Ani Difranco
    “Natural Thing” – Poi Dog Pondering
    “Natural Woman” – Aretha Franklin (am i really the first to post this one?)
    “Nausea” – Beck
    “Navigator” – The Pogues
    “Ndima Ndapedza” – Oliver Mtukudzi
    If you’re ever in Uptown Chicago on a Monday night, go see Patricia Barber at the Green Mill. Incredible live modern jazz in a classic old speakeasy.

  • Karen

    Na Marjanse — Adolph Hofner and His Texans, aka The Pearl Wranglers
    The Nazz are Blue — The Yardbirds
    Nearer My God to Thee — Anne Murray. (I also have this by Ladysmith Black Mombazo, but that is a medley with “Amazing Grace,” and “Amazing Grace” is listed first.”
    That’s a Czech polka, blues by an English band, and a hymn. iTunes thinks I have multiple personality disorder.

  • Callyn

    ‘Naked Eye” – The Who
    ‘Naked in the Rain’ – Red Hot Chili Peppers
    ‘Naked Sunday’ – Stone Temple Pilots
    ‘Name’ – Goo Goo Dolls
    ‘Nancy Boy’ – Placebo
    ‘Nanny Nanny Boo Boo’ – Le Tigre
    ‘Narc’ – Interpol
    ‘Narcolepsy’ – Third Eye Blind
    ‘Narrative of Soul Against Soul’ – AFI
    ‘Nas Is Coming’ – Nas
    ‘The National People’s Scare’ – Wolf Parade
    ‘Natural Anthem’ – The Postal Service
    ‘Natural Mystic’ – Bob Marley & The Wailers
    ‘Natural Science’ – Rush
    ‘The Nature’ – Talib Kweli
    ‘The Nature of Reality’ – Oasis
    ‘Nausea Shreds Your Head’ – The Blood Brothers
    ‘The Navajo Know’ – The Pixies
    ‘Navy Nurse’ – The Fiery Furnaces
    ‘Nazi Punks Fuck Off’ – The Dead Kennedys

  • kali

    panic! at the disco – nails for breakfast, tacks for snacks
    sakimoto hitoshi – naivety <–final fantasy xii ost
    cruel sea – naked flame
    sakimoto hitoshi – nalbina fortress town ward <–ffxii ost
    sakimoto hitoshi – nalbina fortress underground prison <–ffxii ost
    seki toshihiko – na-mi-da
    zen of destructoray – naming songs is so hard
    j.a. seazer – nanbito mo kataru koto nashi [ep#12 version] <– utena ost1
    j.a. seazer – nanibito mo kataru koto nashi [shoujo kakumei utena ost4 version] <–utena ost4
    aphex twin – nannou
    beirut – nantes [fredo & thang edit]
    furuido – nantokanare [full size] <–akagi ost
    sakimoto hitoshi – nap <–ffxii ist
    air – napalm love
    kent – när det blåser på månen
    prodigy – narayan
    buck-tick – narcissus [bt best tracks version]
    tatu – nas ne dagoniat <–russian "not gonna get us" ahahaha–er
    codeseven – nasty little revolution
    spitz – natsu ga owaru
    suga shikao – natsukage
    folk implosion – natural one [natural one version]
    folk implosion – natural one [acoustic]
    good, the bad & the queen – nature springs
    nina simone [jacques brel] – ne me quitte pas
    kanno yoko – ne zu mi <–escaflowne ost1
    apoptygma berzerk – near [banilla dream mix]
    matthew good band – near fantastica
    sakimoto hitoshi – near the water <–ffxii ost

  • kali

    Oh, go me. I know the alphabet. No, really.

  • Michael Cule


  • Michael Cule

    What I *said* was:
    N Apostrophe T
    National Brotherhood Week.
    Both by Tom Lehrer.
    (But you knew that.)

  • mcc

    Name Taken – Massive Attack
    Nanou2 – Aphex Twin
    Napalm Brain / Scatter Brain – DJ Shadow
    Natja – Death in Vegas
    National Anthem – Radiohead
    Natural Anthem – The Postal Service
    Nausea – Beck

  • Joolya

    Off topic :) but have we discussed Michelle “Crazy Eyes” Bachman’s bill to ban the US adoption of a “global international currency – a One World Currency!” yet?
    “Naked As We Came” – Iton&WIne
    “Naked Sunday” – Stone Temple Pilots
    “Names” – Cat Power
    “The Naming of Things” – Andrew Bird
    “Nanci” – Toad The Wet Sprocket
    “Nantes” – Beirut
    “Napoleon” – Ani DiFranco
    “Nappy Heads” – Fugees
    “Nashville” – Indogo Girls
    “Natasha” – Rufus Wainwright
    “Nathaniel” – Outkast
    “The National Anthem” – Radiohead
    “Natural Anthem” – The Postal Service
    “Ne Me Quitte Pas” – Nina Simone
    “Near Dark” – Burial

  • Joolya

    (sorry, me no tyype so gud todya.)

  • Jessica

    @ J Neo Marvin who has Nashville Cats on his mp3 player:
    I hate that song. My father in law played that for me on a trip to Laughlin, and I ended up listening to it at least 5 times in a row. I was ready to put icepicks through my ears by the end of the third time.
    I would put in the running for worst song ever. Part of it is because it’s so simple– it’s like the worst earworm ever because I *hate* that song.

  • “Nanakuli,” The Beamer Brothers
    “Nancy (with the laughing face),” Frank Sinatra
    “Nashville Cats,” Lovin’ Spoonful
    “Neal’s Fandango,” The Doobie Brothers

  • “Naked Puppets”, by Moxy Früvous
    “Naked Shuffle”, by the pillows
    “Name of Love”, by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
    “Name of the Game”, by the Crystal Method
    “Nami ngaze Ngamthola”, by Ladysmith Black Mombazo
    “Napot hoztam, csillagot”, by Omega
    “A napba öltözött lány”, by Locomotiv GT
    “Napraforgó”, by Locomotiv GT
    “Nasca”, by Omega
    “Nathan Jones”, by the Supremes
    “National Brotherhood Week”, by Tom Lehrer
    “Native World”, by the pillows
    “????? (natural)”, by P-Model
    “Nature Sounds”, by Moxy Früvous
    “Ne gondold”, by Illés
    “Ne sírj, kedves”, by Republic
    “Ne Znam Kome Pripadam”, by Dino Dvornik
    “The Nearest Faraway Place”, by the Beach Boys

  • cminus

    “Naked And Famous”, Presidents Of The United States Of America
    “Naked As We Came”, Iron & Wine
    “Naked Eye”, Luscious Jackson
    “Naked Puppets”, Moxy Fruvous
    “The Naked Song”, The Hatters
    “Naked Womyn”, Pat McCurdy
    “The Name Of The Game”, ABBA
    “Name Of The Game”, The Crystal Method
    “Nancy”, Joe MacLean
    “Narrow Your Eyes”, They Might Be Giants
    “Natalie’s Party”, Shack
    “Nation State”, DJ? Acucrack
    “National Brotherhood Week”, Tom Lehrer
    “Natural Science”, Rush
    “Natural’s Not In It”, Gang Of Four
    “Nature Sounds”, Moxy Fruvous
    “Nature Trail To Hell”, Weird Al Yankovic
    “Navigating The Windward Passage”, The Lawrence Arms
    Most recommended: “Naked Eye” by Luscious Jackson, although the rest of the album is a bit of a letdown, followed by “National Brotherhood Week”, which is one of Tom Lehrer’s best. Honorable mention goes to “Navigating The Windward Passage”, a bit of postmillenial punk that I really enjoy but I don’t see as being Fred’s thing, and to “Naked Womyn”, which always gets a laugh from my feckless side:
    I like naked womyn with other naked womyn
    I like naked womyn with cheese

    (music stops, singer switches from singing to a normal speaking voice)
    I’m from Wisconsin.

  • penny

    I have no songs with naked in the title :(
    Nails for Breakfast, Tacks for Snacks — Panic! At the Disco
    Naima’s Love Song — Verve
    Nanci — Toad the Wet Sprocket
    Nasty Booger Song — Efenwealt Wystle
    Nations of the World — Animaniacs
    Nautilus — Nine Miles
    Not sure how I don’t have a copy of National Brotherhood Week — thanks for reminding me to fix that, although its stuck in my head now.

  • Sorry Jessica. At least I’m not the only one here who has it. Granted, there are probably 20 or so Lovin’ Spoonful songs I like better.

  • interleaper

    Naked and Famous – Presidents of the United States of America
    Naked as We Came – Iron & Wine
    Na Letha Gael M’Óige – Enya
    The Name of the Game – ABBA
    Nananananana – Brian Bromberg
    Nanibito mo Kataru Koto Nashi (Nobody Has Anything To Say) – Revolutionary Girl Utena Soundtrack
    Napolitana G-Dur (für Oboe und Basso Continuo) – Georg Philipp Telemann
    Narrow Your Eyes – They Might Be Giants
    The Nascent Virion – Christian Death
    Nasha Ljubov – Amsterdam Klezmer Band
    Nasty Girl – Destiny’s Child
    Nathan Jones – Diana Ross and the Supremes
    Native Rhythm – Atahualpa
    Natural Beauty – Lene Lovich
    Natural Blues – Moby
    Nature Boy – Natalie Cole
    Nature Boy – David Bowie
    Ñaupa Llacta – Atahualpa
    Near You Always – Jewel
    …Hey, I’ve actually got one in common with Fred.

  • borealys

    Naked – The Trews
    Naked Eye – Luscious Jackson
    Napoleon – Kelly and the Kellygirls
    Narrow – Fruit
    Natural Blues – Moby
    Natural Disasters – Propagandhi
    Natural Selection – Anna Dano
    Nautical Disaster – The Tragically Hip (two versions)
    Naveed – Our Lady Peace
    Near the Woodpile – Calexico
    Near Wild Heaven – REM
    Lots to recommend this week. Napoleon is a terribly fun song (Kelly and the Kellygirls are a terribly fun band … check them out). And, of course, Nautical Disaster is a classic.

  • David no longer in Maine

    I think this is the first time that I have had one of the songs Fred listed.
    “Naked Sunday”, Stone Temple Pilots
    “Nature Wants To Kill Me”, Eleven
    “Nazi Driver”, Soundgraden
    “Nearly Lost You”, Screaming Trees
    The most recommended would be “Nature Wants To Kill Me”. On a side note, two (or possibly three, I am not sure which of the two drummers who appeared on that album was on that song) were also in a band that Mark Lanegan of Screaming Trees was in.

  • I’m just stunned to see you mention Kirsty MacColl. I wish I could explain how happy this makes me, but I haven’t yet signed up for Jenkins’ writers guild, so I can’t.

  • Naked – Shackleton
    Naked As We Came – Iron & Wine
    Naked If I Want To – Cat Power
    Naked If I Want To – Moby Grape
    Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother) – Electric Six
    Nann Nigga – Trick Daddy
    Nannou – Aphex Twin
    Napoleon Says – Phoenix
    Narcocorrido – Okkervil River
    Narcolepsy – Third Eye Blind
    The National Anthem – Radiohead
    The National Anthem (Live) – Radiohead
    The National Headbustaz Anthem – DJ Gyngyvytus
    National Hum – Constantines
    National Talk Like a Pirate Day – Lambchop
    Nature and the Wreck Mates of State
    Naval Officer – Eyes Wide Shut OST
    Navigator – The Pogues
    Naxalite – Asian Dub Foundation
    Nazi Punks Fuck Off – Dead Kennedys
    Nazi Punks Fuck Off – Napalm Death
    Near You – Teenage Fanclub
    And here I thought I wouldn’t have much for this one.

  • Not Really Here

    Late to the party, but I’ve just suddenly realized I have a contribution to make to a song thread that hasn’t already been taken.
    Naked in the Rain- Dio
    That’s all.