Opposing the 'climate-change' conspiracy — what can we do?

The conspiracy promoting the lies of “climate-change” theory, as we have seen, is not just the work of a handful of dishonest scientists or of just a few bad actors promoting their fraudulent data to promote global socialism.

It is a vast network that encompasses the globe and infiltrates nearly every aspect of our lives. Nearly every scientist is in on it. Nearly every scientific discipline is in on it. Governments, the military, churches and businesses are all in on it.

But do not despair. If you are part of the righteous remnant, if you are one of the few brave souls still committed to the truth in the face of this vast conspiracy of lies, then there is still hope. You can still act — boldly and effectively — to oppose this conspiracy.

I want to outline a few basic steps incumbent on all of us who recognize the truth about this conspiracy. These are specific, concrete actions you can take — things you can do and things you must do to confront and oppose the conspiracy.

  1. Vote for a conspiracy opponent who rejects the hoax.
  2. Protect your children from colleges and universities.
  3. Cancel your insurance.
  4. Leave your church.
  5. Ignore disaster-relief appeals.
  6. Leave the lights on.

I’ll explore each of these in more detail after the jump.

1. Vote for Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Ron Paul or Rick Santorum.

These candidates have all expressed their opposition to the conspiracy. Following the lead of our champion, Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., they have all bravely declared climate-change theory to be a hoax and they are all on record declaring the existence of the scientific conspiracy promoting that hoax. Mitt Romney has recently hinted that he too might believe in the conspiracy, but he has so far avoided identifying it as a hoax and I believe that his sincerity is suspect.

President Barack Obama, like all Democrats, sides with the scientists promoting that hoax. He’s in on it too.

2. Do not allow your own children to be corrupted.

We have seen that America’s colleges and universities are wholly complicit in the conspiracy. They are deeply invested in promoting and defending “climate-change” theory and the scientists who concocted this hoax. If your children attend those colleges and universities, they may be sucked in too. Allow your children to attend college and one day your children — your own, precious children — will likely be in on it too.

You cannot and must not allow that to happen to them. You must not allow your children to become “educated” and indoctrinated into this conspiracy. That doesn’t just mean ensuring that your children are protected from the dangerous influence of our college and universities. The conspiracy has infiltrated and infected our high schools and elementary schools as well. Home-schooling your children and exposing them only to a truth-based, anti-science curriculum is your best bet. This will also shield them from the relentless pro-college propaganda deceiving so many high school students.

3. Cancel your ties to the corrupt insurance industry.

It would be impossible to overstate how crucial the insurance industry is in promoting the conspiracy and convincing other industries to comply with the fraudulent “science” of this hoax.

Scientists themselves tend to be pretty feckless when it comes to getting their message across. Scientists lack media savvy and no one listens to them. (Did you listen to your science teachers when you were in school? Of course not.) But the insurers are slick communicators who know how to persuade others to believe the message of the conspiracy.

More importantly, the insurers have for more than 20 years now been rewriting their policies to conform to the lies of the scientific conspiracy. They have thus been instrumental in persuading, even coercing, other businesses to play along with the hoax.

Every dime you pay to your insurers goes to support this. If you are paying for insurance, then you are funding the conspiracy. You are funding its propaganda.

Stop feeding the beast. Cancel your insurance. Cancel your homeowners policy and your auto policy today.

Don’t worry about the supposed legal requirements. Your bank likely requires homeowners insurance as a condition of your mortgage (the banks are, of course, in on it too) and your state likely requires every driver to purchase auto insurance. But the courts have already begun striking down such “individual mandates” as unconstitutional, so have no fear in making yourself a test case for this new judicial trend.

And don’t worry about the supposed financial risk of going without insurance. That policy you’re paying for works exactly the same way as social insurance programs like Social Security, and we all know that Social Security is just a big old Ponzi Scheme.

4. Go to the right kind of church.

You don’t want to be supporting the conspiracy with your church offering either. Or exposing yourself and your family to its scientific lies as you sit, unsuspecting, in the pew on Sunday morning.

So if you’re a member of a Roman Catholic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopalian, American Baptist or UCC church, you’ll have to leave. Look around and you should be able to find some local, nondenominational Bible Chapel where the members stand for truth, acknowledging the existence of the conspiracy and doing everything in their power to shield themselves from its lies.

The Institute on Religion & Democracy has, for decades, been working to protect godly people from the nefarious lies spread by all the churches listed above. Alas, IRD does not provide a listing of safe, acceptable churches as alternatives, but I’m sure that Mark Tooley, IRD’s president, would be glad to help you in your search. Call his office at 202-682-4131 and ask him.

5. Don’t give to “disaster relief.”

All of these disaster-relief and development agencies are tainted. They’re in on it.

Just listen to them blather on about the supposed human toll of climate change, trying to scam you into contributing to help the supposed victims of supposed droughts, floods or hurricanes. (Droughts and floods? It’s like they don’t even notice that they’re contradicting themselves!) Their agenda is to reinforce the conspiracy by highlighting all of the supposedly deadly instances in which exactly the sorts of catastrophes the climate-fraud’s models predicted are supposedly occurring.

Don’t fall for it. If they can’t be trusted to tell the truth about the conspiracy, then they can’t be trusted to tell you the truth about whatever supposed disasters have supposedly occurred. How can you know they’re not making the whole thing up? Because you saw it “confirmed” in a report on CNN or in the newspaper? What part of corrupt lying liberal lamestream media didn’t you understand?

I saw 2012, so I know all about special effects. And I’ve heard of Photoshop. If these agencies are willing to spread the lying hoax of “climate change” then their pictures and videos can’t be trusted either. Don’t believe them when they tell you to “Text FOOD to UNICEF (864233) to donate $10 to aid famine victims in the Horn of Africa.” Don’t believe them when they suggest giving whatever you can afford to support a host of agencies supposedly doing good work to aid the supposed victims of these supposed disasters.

6. Leave the lights on. Don’t recycle. Waste more, want more.

I am, of course, not a scientist, so I can’t pretend to understand all the convoluted twists and turns of the massive conspiracy promoting the hoax of “climate-change” theory. But the good news is that you don’t have to understand all that scientific mumbo-jumbo to grasp the central principle for anyone opposed to their fraudulent conspiracy: Whatever it is they’re for, you should be against.

So when the conspirators of the environmental groups tell you to recycle something, you should just throw it out instead. If they say that waste is wasteful, that means it must be productive. If they call for newfangled, energy-efficient lightbulbs, then stock up on the good old-fashioned energy-burning kind while you can still find them. If they say lead paint is bad, then use lead paint. Eat fast food and toss the wrappers out the window of your SUV. Don’t walk if you can drive. Don’t drive if you can fly. Run the sprinklers at noon and then generously reapply whatever toxic lawn chemicals you just washed off. Eat food, too much, mostly processed beef. Leave the lights on. And the TV, and the phone chargers. Crank up the air conditioning until you can see your breath in July.

I don’t fully understand what their evil purpose is for wanting us to waste less and be healthier, but you can be sure it’s all in the service of the conspiracy. So whatever they suggest, do the opposite.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

I realize that some of these action steps may be difficult. It isn’t easy to believe in a vast global conspiracy in which the whole world is out to get you. And it’s even harder to have the integrity to make our actions consistent with what we say we believe about that conspiracy.

But unless you’re willing to do all of the things listed above — and more — then I’m inclined to suspect that you don’t really believe in this climate-change conspiracy at all. You’re just a poser who talks the talk but hasn’t thought it through enough to walk the walk.

Or maybe you just latched onto a half-baked notion of a conspiracy theory as a form of magical thinking to distract you from the howling cognitive dissonance arising from your support for bankrupt and discredited political ideologies that cannot be reconciled with the reality of what science undeniably tells us about the actual world we live in.

Maybe that.

Or maybe — if you’re still clinging to your corrupt insurance, still encouraging your children to study and go to college, still trying to preserve your money by avoiding waste and still trying to preserve your health by avoiding toxins — then maybe the reason for all that is obvious. Maybe you’re in on it too.

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