More advice on Republican voter outreach

More advice on Republican voter outreach November 28, 2012

Following the re-election of President Barack Obama, there’s no shortage of helpful advice for how Republicans can improve their appeal to women, youth, black, Latino and Asian-American voters.

• Republicans in Florida explain their outreach efforts toward minority voters.

• Republicans in Tennessee expand outreach efforts to attract women voters.

• Advice on Republican outreach to black and Hispanic voters from Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association.

• Advice on Republican outreach to Latino and Asian voters from reality show host Donald Trump.

• Advice on Republican outreach to Asian voters from conservative author Charles Murray.

• Advice on Republican outreach to Latino voters from Victor Davis Hanson of National Review.

• Advice on Republican outreach to black voters from Tea Party Nation head Judson Phillips.

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  • Carstonio

    It’s possible that they explicitly decided to keep women and minorities out of the leadership posts, but I doubt it. Instead, I suspect they never even noticed that their choices were all white men until someone else pointed it out. That’s almost worse because such ingrained habits and assumptions are probably hard to break.

  • Well, the Republicans may as well double down.  If you’re going to lose in 2016 then I say lose in spectacular fashion!

  • P J Evans

     They wouldn’t be happy with my observations: there are two Muslims in my work group, and they’re both nice people. (That reminds me I need to e-mail some recipes to myself for one of them, who’s pretty much a vegetarian.)

  • Tricksterson

    I wonder what her reaction would be if you pointed out that if she owns an American made car chances are good a Muslim helped make it.   A lot of the live and work in Dearborn Michigan a hub of the auto industry.

  • Tricksterson

    I wish people would stop picking on Bishop Ussher.  He lived a good two centuries before there was strong evidence acrued for the Earth being really old.  Not his fault.

  • Tricksterson

    But he does have a special relish for targeting the Hispanic portion of the population.  I point you to his book “Mexifornia”.

  • Tricksterson

    Or a Fritz Leiber story (“A Desk Full of Girls”)

  • Tricksterson

    Oh and my mother’s doctor is Muslim as well.  A very nice man.

  •  If I had to guess from variations on this conversation I’ve had with her in the past (it was about black people then, rather than Muslims, though I don’t think my mom is entirely clear on the difference) she would basically say that of course some of them can be almost as good as real people, but she’s going to ignore those and concentrate on the hypothetical ones she was talking about as representative, because they make her point better.

  • Anton_Mates

    The article on Murray really captures this mindset really well. He seems to have no idea what Asians (as a group, which is probably not a very good classification, but whatever, or as individuals) really want. He comes up with a racial profile of them:
    “They’re hardworking, they’re entrepreneurial, they care for their families — not like “those people” over there. I like them, why don’t they like me?”

    I love that Murray supports his stereotype with “everyday observation of Asians around the world.”  You’d think that sweeping statements about the global Asian population would be based on observations in Asia, but hey.

    Of course, Murray’s probably aware that Asia’s kind of a hellhole by Republican standards, what with the Islam and the Communism and fewer Christians per capita than any other continent.*  So maybe he realizes that it’s best to focus on Asians living everywhere except Asia, if you’re going to claim that they’re all entrepreneurial, self-reliant, natural-born Republicans.

    *Yes, including Antarctica.

  • reynard61

    From the Murray article: “Republicans are seen by Asians—as they are by Latinos, blacks, and some large proportion of whites—as the party of Bible-thumping, anti-gay, anti-abortion creationists. Factually, that’s ludicrously inaccurate.”

    Actually, that’s dead-on. Or have you been hiding in a cave these past 20+ years?

    “In the public mind, except among Republicans, that image is taken for reality.”

    That kind of tells you something about Republicans and their relationship to reality…

  • reynard61

    It’s the only way they maintain a semblance of sanity their delusion of white, male, Christian privilege.

    Fixed that for ya!

  • reynard61

    “Okay, you shared the conversation. Please share the ibuprofen, too.”

    Ibuprofen my As(pirin)! That kind of shit calls for a few gallons of weapons-grade Brain Bleach!

  • SisterCoyote

     I really love those. I got one from my grandparents last week – did you know that every single Muslim is bent on taking over the world/the US and imposing Sharia law? Even the ones that don’t agree with Sharia law? Even the ones who disagree with each other about almost every part of their religion?

    Someday, I’ll do a search-and-replace with “Christians,” just to prove how ridiculous the point is, and it’ll go around screen-capped as more ways the evil secular commie socialists are trying to bring down Real America.

  • (it was about black people then, rather than Muslims, though I don’t think my mom is entirely clear on the difference)

    Oh, that is another thing I have observed: I have seen Muslims with skin color of every shade between black and white.  

    Skin color is not a reliable identifier in this case.  

  • Speaking of.

    There’s this TV miniseries, called The Grid, in which one major plot point revolves around an attempted terrorist attack somewhere near a populated area. The terrorist in question happens to be a Chechen immigrant, who is to all appearances a blond white guy.

  • MaryKaye

    When I was in grad school I had a fellow student who was from Iran.  (I don’t know if she was a Muslim–we didn’t discuss religion in the lab.)  She had constant trouble getting visas and so forth because the US and Iran were in conflict, and she used to say bitterly, “If I went home they would shoot me.  But America can’t grasp this–all they see is an Iranian who *of course* must be supporting terrorism.”

    I just realized that I didn’t know what had become of her since then.  Turns out she is running a research program in the US on neurodegenerative diseases.  So all our attempts to make her life miserable didn’t suffice to drive her out of the US, and now she is…working to treat Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.  Sometimes we get better than we bloody deserve.

    This really drives home to me that the haters are agitating for *less of everything for everyone.*  Fewer people trying to cure these horrible diseases.  Fewer different festivals at Seattle Center.  None of the brilliant science done by my black colleague or my Iranian colleague or my Sikh colleague, or for that matter by women like me.  Less, less, less.  A world less worth living in.  This kind of bigoted hatred produces nothing at all.  I can only hope that it’s therefore ultimately sterile and will die out.

  • Tricksterson

    In fact there are more native born African-American Muslims than there are arab (either native or immigrant) Arab-Americans. 

  • Anton_Mates

    “Or, as the Mexicans call it, California.”

    I mean, really.    You can legitimately shout “Get offa my property, Spanish people!” if you’re the ghost of an 18th-century Ohlone lady , but no one named “Victor David Hanson” has any right to act all nativist until Martians start moving in.

  • Amanda

    My college dorm roommate for the second semester was Iranian. Nice girl too, much nicer than the roommate I had before. She had similar problems with the US and Iran’s conflict.

    She also listened to U2 all the time. All. The. Time. I was sick of U2 for a couple of years after that.

  • After high school, I immediately started going to Bellevue Community College (I assume you know it) where my calculus teacher was Iranian-American.  Born and mostly raised over there, he came to the U.S. as an adult and was notably not a Muslim (which he revealed was a point of friction between him and his mother.)  Still, he identified as ethnically Persian and was the staff sponsor of the Persian Students Association, which mainly served to help the children of Iranian expats (most of whom had probably never been to Iran) get in touch with the cultural roots.  

    The first quarter I had with him was in the fall of 2001.  As you might expect, class on the morning of September 12 was a bit of a break from our usual pattern.  He calmly asked the class if they had anything they wanted to say or ask, particularly if they had any concerns about him as a Middle Eastern man.  

    I told him I thought he was wonderful, I had absolutely no concerns.  I also told him that if any of the Middle Eastern students in the class were worried about their personal safety (several were absent that day, the teacher said they called him and said that they were worried about misplaced retaliation if they went out) I would be happy to escort them on campus to keep potential harassers dissuaded.   

    I must have made a good impression on him.  A year or two later when I was taking some physics classes where I found the theory easy but the math hard, my physics teacher told me that apparently I had a “champion on the staff” in the form of my former calculus teacher.  He had told my physics professor to bear with me through my struggles, because my method for problem solving may have been unorthodox, but if he gave me a chance I would show him some very creative solutions.  

    Man, I miss him.  I hope he is still there, I might bump into him sometime if so.

  • In 1980 when I was in high school I spent the summer with my grandparents in Alabama and made friends with a girl who was from Iran, but who was Armenian. The distinction did not sink in to the HS principal who called her into his office to grill her about what “her people” were doing to the American hostages.

    My grandmother worked in the cafeteria; when she found out what happened she went to the principal and ripped him a new one.

  • Beyond that, what did he think a frickin’ High School student would be able to tell him? And why did he think it was his job to try to find out, rather than law enforcement?

    So. Much. Fail.