Celebrity songs: Boom Boom Mancini to Mike Piazza

You’re beautiful more beautiful than me …

Boom Boom Mancini,” Warren Zevon
Exhuming McCarthy,” R.E.M.

Remarks to Mr. McLuhan,” Mark Heard
“Remarks to Mr. McLuhan,” Ramona Silver
Alanis Morisette,” Wesley Willis
Jim Morrison’s Grave,” Steve Taylor
Song for Nico,” Marianne Faithfull
Stevie Nix,” The Hold Steady
Pavlov’s Bell,” Aimee Mann
Luther Played the Boogie,” Johnny Cash
Piazza, New York Catcher,” Belle & Sebastian

A Boxer, a slugger, a scientist, a philosopher, five musicians, and a demagogue. (Do songs named for McLuhan and Morisette count toward my CanCon credit?)

Every time I search for an Aimee Mann song on YouTube I wind up also watching the “Wise Up” sequence from Magnolia. I expect at some point that will stop getting to me. Not yet though.

Belle and Sebastian are an indie band from Scotland, but even they appreciate that hitting over .300 while catching every day is a remarkable feat. Yet somehow this is something 42 percent of the baseball writers voting for the Hall of Fame seemed not to understand this year.

"I'd be interested, if we can find a timeslot that works :)"

LBCF, No. 181: ‘Meet the Steeles’
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LBCF, No. 181: ‘Meet the Steeles’

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  • Tim McGraw by Taylor Swift

    ETA: Or did that go with last week’s? For all that I spent three years organizing shelves in a college library, I can never remember how to alphabetize “Mc’s”.

  •  Taylor Swift dated Tim McGraw?   Wasn’t she, like, seven when he married Faith Hill?

  • No, but she wrote a song with a chorus that goes, “When you hear Tim McGraw, think of me” or something like that.

  • Theo Axner

    Some overlap with the last list, I think? Anyhow…

    Ben McCulloch – Steve Earle
    Blind Willie McTell – Bob Dylan
    Alma – Tom Lehrer (Alma Mahler)
    Free Nelson Mandela – the Special  AKA
    Lord Marlborough – Fairport Convention
    Annalisa – Public Image Ltd (Anneliese Michel)
    Bruces’ Philosophers’ Song – Monty Python (John Stuart Mill, et al)
    Who Killed Marilyn? – the Misfits
    We Are Motörhead – Motörhead
    Decomposing Composers – Monty Python (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, et al)
    Moulty – the Barbarians
    George Murphy – Tom Lehrer
    Popens Mussolinis – Nationalteatern
    Till Jan Myrdal – Cornelis Vreeswijk
    A Drop of Nelson’s Blood – Jarvis Cocker
    Vampira – the Misfits (Maila Nurmi)
    I Dreamed I Saw Phil Ochs Last Night – Billy Bragg
    Oedipus Rex – Tom Lehrer
    The Ballad of John and Yoko – the Beatles
    Oh Yoko! – John Lennon
    High Water (For Charley Patton) – Bob Dylan
    Till Lewi Pethrus – Cornelis Vreeswijk
    Richard Petty – Mojo Nixon
    Edgar Allan Poe – Lou Reed
    Elvis Is Everywhere – Mojo Nixon
    Pablo Picasso – Jonathan Richman & the Modern Lovers
    En Tavla av Picasso – Johan Johansson
    Plaster Caster – Kiss (Cynthia Plastercaster)
    Pocahontas – Johnny Cash

  • Azelie

    Meg White by Ray Lamontagne
    Not even Stevie Nix by Calexico
    Robert Deniro’s Waiting by Bananarama

  • Amaryllis

    Starts out nautical and ends up mostly musical…  and almost all Irish…

    Toora loora loora loora loo!

    Carrying Nelson Home – John Roberts
    A Drop of Nelson’s Blood – Jarvis Cocker
    Lord Nelson – The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem
    Nelson the Fallen Hero – Brass Monkey
    Nelson’s Farewell – The Dubliners

    O’Carolan’s Draught – The Duggans
    O’Carolan’s Farewell to Music – Triona Ni Domhnaill
    Rory Dall’s Sister’s Lament – Patrick Ball (that would be the harper Ruaidhri Dall O Cathain, is why he’s in the O’s. I don’t know what happened to his sister.)
    O’Donnell’s Lament – Eileen Ivers
    Reminiscences of Sean O Riada – Derek Bell
    Eamonn an chnoic– The Wolfe Tones (Eamonn O Riain/Edmund O’Ryan… who may or may not have existed, but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, because it’s a pretty song)
    Young Ned of the Hill – The Pogues (same guy, not the same song)

    The Blackbird of Sweet Avondale – Silly Wizard (Charles Stewart Parnell)
    Patrick’s Arrival – Christy Moore (St. Patrick of Ireland, my dear!)
    Patrick Was a Gentleman – Christy Moore
    Doc Pomus – Ben Folds
    Boy From Tupelo – Emmylou Harris (he’s the King, and he oughtta know!)
    Elvis Presley Blues – Gillian Welch

  • reynard61

    Nixon’s got his finger on The Button – Skumm and Flemm (Skumm and Flemm was a late-1970s-to-early-1980s British club band. (They used a lot of Classical Music themes in their compositions, which is why I liked them.) A friend gave me a copy of a bootleg tape of one of their performances. Unfortunately it has long since worn out.)

  • Nora Streed

    Dock Ellis’ No-no by Chuck Brodsky

    Hurricane by Bob Dylan