A delusional fantasy … on fire!

I’ve sometimes characterized much of the “Teavangelical” right-wing of America as people caught up in a delusional fantasy — and elaborate make-believe role-playing game in which they pretend to be heroic champions battling against Satanic baby-killers, Satanazis, and other imaginary monsters.

They speak and behave, I’ve argued, as though they prefer the world to be much, much worse than it is. They are privileged, but they enjoy pretending they are persecuted. Their neighbors may be very nice people, but they prefer pretending that those people are subhuman monsters out to destroy their freedom, their faith, and their country — bloodthirsty traitors to all that is good or sacred.

Some have suggested I’m exaggerating, and that they don’t really view themselves or the world in this way.

But I’m not the one who made this video.

This was made by and for the conservative folks attending CPAC. It is their own portrayal of themselves and of the world around them. This isn’t me describing them in such ridiculous terms. This is them describing themselves.

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