A delusional fantasy … on fire!

I’ve sometimes characterized much of the “Teavangelical” right-wing of America as people caught up in a delusional fantasy — and elaborate make-believe role-playing game in which they pretend to be heroic champions battling against Satanic baby-killers, Satanazis, and other imaginary monsters.

They speak and behave, I’ve argued, as though they prefer the world to be much, much worse than it is. They are privileged, but they enjoy pretending they are persecuted. Their neighbors may be very nice people, but they prefer pretending that those people are subhuman monsters out to destroy their freedom, their faith, and their country — bloodthirsty traitors to all that is good or sacred.

Some have suggested I’m exaggerating, and that they don’t really view themselves or the world in this way.

But I’m not the one who made this video.

This was made by and for the conservative folks attending CPAC. It is their own portrayal of themselves and of the world around them. This isn’t me describing them in such ridiculous terms. This is them describing themselves.

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  • P J Evans

    They’re sure the problem they have is their messaging, and not their message. They think they’re winning, because they can’t see what the rest of us see,

  • Lori

    I saw this the other day and had no idea what to say about it. It would be easy to talk about it as a movie trailer. (For example, it desperately needs the “In a world where…” voice-over guy because that woman’s voice is annoying,)

    As self-portrait/propaganda it’s much more difficult to respond with anything more coherent than hysterical laughter and/or lots and lots of swearing.

  • Random_Lurker

    That lack of that “In a world where…” is very revealing.

    I wonder what that “15 years ago” part in the beginning is referring to.

  • Cate

    I have to say, I kinda want to watch that movie. But then, I’m a big fan of dystopian fiction.

  • Not much of a dystopia though, is it?

    I mean, the evil, tolitarian state is….giving…people…food?

  • Lori

    Don’t you see? They’ve taken away the freedom to starve. Or more precisely, the freedom to feel smug while watching other people starve. The horror!

  • Watching this it occurs to me that the Evangelical Christian and Tea Party types who are the targets of this sort of thing actually live in a sci-fi world. It also occurs to me that they’re terrible at writing speculative fiction (*cough* Left Behind *cough*). That’s really weird. Am I the only one who finds that particular juxtaposition weird?

  • Morilore

    Its sad how ridiculously “meh” that dystopia is.

    OMG long lines and everything has this one symbol on it.

    OMG government leader guy gets angry sometimes.

    OMG they don’t let you not pay taxes.

    OMG those are some really awkward catchphrases dude.

    I mean jeez you could at least show them disappearing people or shutting off someone’s card for criticizing the wrong person or something.

  • Roll a Will Save and join the resistance!

  • I hate youtube’s automatic captioning system. ._.

    Is there a transcript of the audio anywhere?

  • Veylon

    I feel strangely nostalgic about this trailer. Remember all the way back when Bush was president and scary stuff like the Patriot act was coming down the pike? Where were these people then?

  • Cheering. The Isatamuslim terrorists were being hunted down, not them. That’s completely changed, now that the arbitrary TSA scanning is taking place during the Satanic Muslim’s reign of unholy terror instead of the Good Ol’ Boy’s reign of righteous terror.

  • SisterCoyote

    That evil senator guy is almost as believable a villain as Nicolae Carpathia. Good grief.

  • SisterCoyote

    Sigh. Well, that’s one thing to be said about Disqus. At least it’s harder to break the thread HTML.

  • I think Bender has the only proper response to that video:


  • I’m reminded of the movie of Atlas Shrugged, watching that “trailer” Fred linked to.

  • Me too. Their subtitling system seriously needs work.

  • LoneWolf343

    That would be 1998. What happened in 1998?

  • Lori

    I read that they’re going ahead with AS Part 3, even though hardly anyone went to see part 1 and even fewer bothered with part 2. I assume there will be more major recasting involved.

    Funny how folks who are such fans of the free market can’t seem to grasp that the market has spoken and it doesn’t want these movies.

  • They want you to pay taxes for government services!

    It’s not quite 1984, is what I’m saying.

  • It’s probably set in the future – like with most dystopias (good or bad), it’s a “Should things continue on their present trajectory” kind of thing.

  • I have a classmate who moved up to the Pacific northwest from Louisiana so she could learn to be a computer animator, something she found little opportunity to express and grow down there. She says that it was because her conservative Christian family, like many families she knew there, placed very little value on creativity and had not much imagination.

    I suspect she would agree with you on this point.

  • I know Part 1 bombed, which put the making of a Part 2 into doubt. In fact, I only discovered just this morning that Part 2 had been made when I saw it as an item in the inventory of a Redbox I browsed as I waited for the bus.

  • LoneWolf343

    Perhaps, but I found this http://www.historyorb.com/events/date/1998 and was having a few laughs at what caused the horrible world of today.

    15 years, huh? I suppose they thought 2016 was too soon.

  • I would laugh if these people weren’t so serious. I’m still trying to figure out what’s so bad about feeding people and paying for social services that we all enjoy.

  • “Bombed” almost doesn’t describe it. They spent $20M to make it and it made $4.6M in the box office. Part 2 had a budget of $10M and made $3.3M in the office, arguably making it more successful simply because it cost the producers less when it crashed and burned.

  • Oh, so you’re saying that you don’t find people carrying boxes of food, talking on phones (government phones!) and watching TV news terrifying?

    For a second, I actually thought that this might be a legit trailed for an independent film, and thought that the whole thing might go further into the tyranny!!! aspect. But after poking around a bit, it looks like it’s just a promo for a Hunger Games-themed party they held at CPAC (seriously) and I don’t think the film exists beyond that. However, they are recutting it into a music video, so there’s that.

  • Lori

    Hunger Games-themed party they held at CPAC

    Can you imagine the epic lack of self-awareness that was on display at that little soiree? The mind reels.

  • Matri

    (For example, it desperately needs the “In a world where…” voice-over guy because that woman’s voice is annoying,)

    That’s Don LaFontaine. And he died in 2008…

  • Matri

    What happened in 1998?

    Well, it was halfway through Clinton’s second term, and America was suffering through a prosperous economy and a satanic budget surplus.

  • But you need to show an ID card. And its only one step from that to concentration camps and the mark of the beast.
    (I should totally start using ‘Marc of the Beast’ as my new pseudonym.)

  • In a world without Don LaFontaine…we can still find “5 Guys in a Limo” on YouTube.


  • Hexep

    But is there a real movie attached to it? I would LOVE to see that.

  • Nick

    Nice paraphrase of Marx, there. These people don’t even know what the word “socialist” means…

  • For all the talk of freedom, they’re not displaying the lack of freedom. What they’re displaying is the paying of taxes and the use of taxes in supporting certain needs.

    Now, I’m not saying that communism is good. Ideally, it wouldn’t be totalitarian, but there’s little other way to go about it. But, all they’re showing is “people are paying taxes and other people are getting stuff from the government!” And, they’re leaving it up to the viewers to assume “and, therefore, no freedom.”

    In fact, this is so absent any content and so chock full of style over substance that this is what I would expect to see in a movie theatre in Oceana.

  • Baby_Raptor

    They don’t get to choose who is “worthy” of eating and getting those services.

  • dantesque17

    The QR code on the cards in the video is a real code. Try scanning it.
    I thought it would be something related to the Tea Party or CPAC, but it’s just a link to a business that sells promotional items.

  • What is this I don’t even.
    I’m reminded of this video made several years ago – for what purpose/event I’m not certain – featuring footage from the Star Wars movies that portrayed the GOP as being the Rebel Alliance fighting against the evil liberal Empire.
    It was especially nonsensical given that it was made Dubya’s second term, when the GOP also held a majority in the House and Senate.

  • Oddly enough, Part 1 was actually a better movie than Part 2.
    It wasn’t in any way a good movie, mind you, but it was better.
    It seems as though it was made with slightly more care and attention to craft, while Part 2 was focused entirely on driving home the message.

  • That’s…actually kinda awesome. Hiding the link to your own website in your products, and just letting the end customer find it him/her/xer/itself. Completely undetectable for the uninterested. I find that admirable.

  • Carstonio

    Most likely the video is all style and no substance because it’s meant to function as an extended dog whistle. The city on a hill introduction, the dictator’s pseudo-Marxist slogans, the vaguely Mark of the Beastish cards, the hints about taxes going to welfare for indolence, all were the creation of folks who know that more overt appeals to resentment would give away the game. I looked in vain for the other items on the Tea Party/RTC scorecard, such as allusions to feminism and homosexuality destroying families.

  • arcseconds

    i hate families that destroy homosexuality

  • Turcano
  • i hate families that destroy homosexuality

    BAN heterosexual marriage!

  • absent any content and so chock full of style

    That’s exactly it. They seem to think the big problem with Soviet-era food lines was the people standing in line, not the not having of the food.

  • Richard Hershberger

    You forgot the hellish “being at peace” part.

  • As in the Left Behind reviews…the Antichrist’s big plan is…to marginally raise taxes to…give food & aid to the starving! WHAT A MONSTER.

  • He’s more consistently menacing; Nicolae’s weird vacillation from genuine benevolence to villainous cackling makes this guy’s benevolence at the barrel of a gun stand out as something the writers actually thought about before committing it to film. Sure, he’s a caricature, but he’s only one caricature, as opposed to the any-one-of-several-caricatures personality poor Nicolae’s been saddled with.

  • Curiously, I imagine CPAC would approve.

  • Yes, they do. It means “I hate paying taxes.” Admittedly, that makes for awkward syntax, but when you’re frothing at the mouth, who has time for proper grammar?