3 years ago: L’affaire Waltke

April 13, 2010, on this blog: L’affaire Waltke

Note that nothing Waltke said is controversial, or inaccurate, or hateful. Nor is anything he said unbiblical, un-Reformed or un-Christian.

Yet this video was later seen by the administrators of Reformed Theological Seminary — an odd group that isnot really interacting with the world. They were mortified, indignant, offended and stricken with the vapors. You know how that goes — they’re evangelicals and it was a day ending in “-y.” These are people who regard umbrage as one of the fruits of the spirit and here was an excuse for it.

And so Bruce Waltke was fired from RTS.

"TERFs are proof that Horseshoe Theory is real."

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  • Tonio

    Boze, thanks for the background. I keep wondering if at its core, RTCism is really a response to the social changes of the 1960s, but I don’t have chapter and verse.

    I think Tonio was on to something, because since then Fred has rather handily outlined how some of the fundamentalist retrenchment in the 1970s and 1980s has resulted in the de facto creation of exclusive segregated schools, because African Americans tend to be part of different churches that typically don’t also run expensive private schools.