Keep in Touch

A bit of housekeeping:

Both in the book and on the blog, Chris and I want to do more than write about “Slow Church” as an abstract ideal. Slow Church is rooted in the human, natural, and spiritual cultures of particular places and particular people in a particular time. Chris and I want to lay out the key concepts of Slow Church, while also telling the stories of faith communities around the country (heck, around the world) who are actually doing these things. Thus, we are coming to you, dear reader, and asking you to contact us to tell us how faith communities in your neighborhoods are practicing the holistic, interconnected, and abundant life together to which God has called us in Christ Jesus.

There are several ways you can get in touch with us, including e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, and the comments section of this blog. We’ll get back to you and, in the coming weeks and months, we may ask permission to write and publish your stories.

Here is the contact information:

E-mail: SlowChurchDotCom [ a t ] g m a i l_d o t_c o m

Please keep in touch!