Two Slow Church-related ebooks on sale now!

Two Slow Church-related ebooks on sale now! February 23, 2015

For these of you who haven’t seen it yet, I have been working this year on a new web project:

Today, my search for the best, current ebook deals turned up two important sale ebooks related to Slow Church:
If you read Kindle ebooks, be sure to download both of these.
(If you don’t… download at least the FREE one, and Amazon has apps that will let you read it on your laptop, iPad, tablet or phone…)


FREE for Kindle (Feb 23-24)…

Franchising McChurch: Feeding Our Obsession with Easy Christianity


Thomas White and Jon Mark Yeats

*** FREE ***

We live in a fast-food nation, where the service is efficient, the products are peer-tested, and size is king. And this consumer-driven approach is seeping into the church.


Across the country, churches are creating entertaining, pop culture-savvy services that feel more market-driven than ministry. On the menu? A proven blend of dynamic music, high-tech dazzle, and topical teachings. And just like any successful product, churches are launching campuses that build on their brand.

But is the franchised church of today leading to the disenfranchised believers of tomorrow? Though thousands flock to these services, how many lives are truly being changed? Have we traded real truth for relevancy?

Franchising McChurch takes an honest look at the rise of consumer-minded ministries. Authors Thomas White and John Yeats tackle a spiritual shift that is raising provocative issues such as:
The blurry line between entertainment and evangelism
A marketing approach to ministry
The warped yardstick for measuring church success
Feel-good messages that avoid tough truths

Candid and compelling, Franchising McChurch calls us back to the heart of Christ’s church, and shares the Biblical design for delivering meaningful, life-changing ministry in a fast-food world.

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On sale now for Kindle (through March 1)…

Kingdom Calling:
Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good

Amy Sherman

*** $2.99 ***


A 2013 Christianity Today Book Award winner

 (This book was essential to the writing of the “Work” chapter in the Slow Church book, and in our thinking about vocation, through the lens of Slow Church!)

Amy Sherman, director of the Center on Faith in Communities and scholar of vocational stewardship, uses the tsaddiqim as a springboard to explore how, through our faith-formed calling, we announce the kingdom of God to our everyday world. But cultural trends toward privatism and materialism threaten to dis-integrate our faith and our work. And the church, in ways large and small, has itself capitulated to those trends, while simultaneously elevating the “special calling” of professional ministry and neglecting the vocational formation of laypeople. In the process, we have, in ways large and small, subverted our kingdom mandate.

God is on the move, and he calls each of us, from our various halls of power and privilege, to follow him. Here is your chance, keeping this kingdom calling in view, to steward your faith and work toward righteousness. In so doing, you will bless the world, and as you flourish, the world will celebrate.

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