Today’s parents are overly focused on keeping their children safe—safe from both perceived and real dangers. Hence many moms hover over and around their kids, morphing into “helicopter parents.” But to raise children with healthy self-esteem and to equip them for adulthood, parents should be focused on rearing self-reliant kids. “We live in a world that warns us of danger at every turn. The ‘safety first’ preoccupation enforces our fear of losing our kids, so we do everything we can… Read more

I’m glad you’re here. This is my welcome to Some Assembly Required video blog. Read more

“Kirk Cameron: CONNECT” focuses on how to help parents raising kids in a social media world. We’re living in an age where our kids have access to the world and all its glory and ugliness at the tips of their fingers via smartphones, tablets, computers and gaming devices. Babies and toddlers play with iPads more than building blocks. Elementary school age kids spend time indoors glued to video game screens. Teens have the ability to secretly view pornography or develop… Read more

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