The Beginning of the Miracle Calendar

Greetings dear readers! Today I woke up ready to write after a few months of not being ready to write and lo and behold – Jupiter the Planet of Abundance is going direct today in Gemini the sign of writing and communication and thus today begins a steady release of amazing miracles.

There has been a hitch in my step since the end of last year and the end of the Mayan Calendar. All year we had to constantly hear about how things were “ending” and then of course nothing did end but that fear provoking Mayan Calendar thought form – thank goodness. So this year I’d like to propose we believe instead in the Miracle Calendar! As we begin to notice and give thanks for all the miracles in our lives, we will experience more and more of them all around us. As with any garden, as we nurture, it will grow.

Jupiter brings expansion, optimism, generosity, wealth, abundance, philosophy and higher mindedness, Gemini is adaptability and the use of the intellect as a function of consciousness. We can intellectually grow and harmonize not only individually but collectively. We will see more and more our ability to “get something done – together”.

Jupiter is in Gemini until June 27 and it’s a great time in general for Geminis, Libras, and Aquarians and a great time for all of us to OPEN our POSITIVE MINDS.

Jupiter going direct today in Gemini is a bold new beginning of positive thinking, a commitment to life, abundance, expansion and wealth. This is a wonderful time to launch a new mental project, a book, a blog, a novel, a series of lectures, a travel, but mostly it’s a time to spend a moment bringing intention and awareness to a time period of affirming that which is light filled and full of mutual sharing. Sharing of language and communication and ideas, a time to work on solutions made easy through cooperation and abundant generous flow between all of us. We can officially release any thought of “the end times” and move into “the miracle times” renewed in our awareness that life springs eternal through the miraculous mechanism of our consciousness which we experience to a great extent through our minds.

2013 in general has a lot to offer. We still have the Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn – May and November of 2013, the individual grappling with the corporation, the banks. Outright rebellion, (Uranus) against tyranny and stagnant resistance, (Pluto), the urge for freedom and change versus the urge for power through control. But we’re kind of used to the feelings of extreme revolution that aspect has been bringing and we’re working on systematically dismantling and changing, one step at a time, the places of extreme rotting control. Nothings perfect, nothings “fixed”, but we are in process and it doesn’t feel so desperately scary all the time.

We have Mercury retrograde roughly late February through mid March in Pisces, mid June through mid July in Cancer and mid October through mid November in Scorpio. Mercury retrogrades through the water signs this year and we have a grand water trine between Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces July 17th. This is a whole lot of focus on Feelings and Sensitivity. Our emotional nature, our sensory, creative, psychic feeling lives will be very enhanced and healed. It’s a year to bring new awareness to how you feel and bring more and more good feeling thoughts into your awareness at all time. Intuition is becoming a respected player along side of intellect in how we process and perceive information. A new depth of “emotional awareness” is available. Nurturing and take care of all the plants, animals, children all the creatures that need tending including our 70% water selves in a more evolved way. Exposing repressed feelings and healing them. No maudlin indulgence in negativity, which is the dark side of all this water, but a tender, loving, feeling presence. Also lots of water issues in the world, attention to the oceans, rivers and streams our drinking water, water rights, water pollution. Flushing, irrigating, bathing, hydro-therapy in all forms is a good thing.

Saturn in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn which is a harmonious aspect between these two titans of trouble – so in general this brings a cooperation between restructuring the power grid, transforming blockages and healing lack, restriction and hardship. A soft aspect between the two biggest generators of resistance is a wonderful support for deep pockets of stagnation in ourselves and in the world to easily and gently release into achievement and advancement through re-structuring. Losses have been and will continue to be incurred but, we’ve passed through the constant loss time period into one of renewal and miraculous regeneration. There’ll be lots more specifics to come throughout the year, but in general, like a President in their second term in office, we can kick ass this year and get things done!

My tribute to Jupiter in Gemini is – due to popular demand and my own release of resistance – I am launching a series of Astrology Lessons! I’m excited. We will meet online Saturday mornings from 11am to 1pm Pacific Time, once a month when the Sun goes into the next Zodiacal sign . We will start in the Spring. So Saturday, March 23 when the Sun goes into Aries we will begin the wonderful trip through the Zodiac learning about the Planets and the Signs and the Houses and how to synthesize what it all means. I will send out another email will all the details. Until then many blessings for a Miraculous New Year filled with light, life and love.

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