Meet the Next Version of Your Higher Self

Monday, February 18 the Sun goes into the sign of Pisces which is the last sign in the zodiac, the sign that describes the inner plane of magic and miracles. Pisces is the place where energy is yet unformed and not solid, therefore can feel illusive, confusing and deceptive but really still holds the promise of the un-manifest and can shape shift and continually surprise us with ever unfolding possibilities, just like a waking dream.
Monday also marks the beginning of Saturn, the planet of lessons, responsibility, commitment and things that are very solid and very manifested in our lives, going retrograde in Scorpio, the sign of transformation, until the middle of July.

Wednesday February 20 – spend at least part of the day in a Vision Quest of some sort – be it formal or informal – the Sun in Pisces kisses Neptune the ruler of Pisces and this is a day to download the dream from the divine. Give time to align yourself with the best feeling thoughts that honor that which sparks you and gets you high – watch the alcohol, bad food, flu vibration – don’t let any opportunistic mooching, freeloading stowaways from the cosmos come to you in the form of pain or drain – but really put definite awareness and intention toward your next dream, hope, vision and magic spell – this is a cosmic seed planting day if ever there was one. Leap into the center of your highest essential self and bring back a goblet full of dream elixir and spill it all over your life.
Friday February 22 Mercury, the planet of communication, travel, thinking, planning, knowing, talking, writing and generally organizing consciousness into a vocabulary we can use to interact with each other, is going retrograde in Pisces the sign of mystery until March 17.
This whole week is very, very interesting and opens the door into a very, very interesting next few months.
Look for a definite shift to the next level of your work or structure or understanding. Quite literally a promotion from one “stage” to the next “stage”. All of a sudden you could be in a whole new play, with a new script, new costumes, new fellow players and a new director.
Don’t be too concerned that you’re unfamiliar with the script – Mercury retrograde in Pisces leads to feelings of fear and insecurity because we’re in new territory and don’t have it all mentally figured out yet. But for our artistic selves, this is heaven. It’s new inspiration, new ways of thinking and feeling and having opportunity to work on new projects with new people, even if it’s not permanent, it might not make money and it might not be practical. Spend time indulging the soul, being a little silly and pursuing a bit of fantasy.
If we can approach this next six week period of time with an open mind and open heart, some very unique and surprising ideas may land that feel so nourishing and welcome and our structure is disrupted with Saturn Retrograde just enough to let this new amorphous shape shifting cosmic surfing energy have some room to breathe.
It might be hard to focus and get into any regular routine this week, being specific and making clear linear choices might also be a challenge – stay spontaneous, expect the unexpected, look for deep unconscious material to surface not only inspiration but possible old wounds, grief and loss. Let the weak, victim, loser, flu energy come into the light of day to be blasted with re-awakened higher concept energy in the realm of infinite possibilities. This is a time when nothing is as it seems and all things are possible and the rules of the game can change for the better in the blink of an eye.

Explore, consider, experiment, adapt, travel, let go, burst with love and light. If it’s tired and old and doesn’t work, it’s gonna go – if it’s just been waiting to dawn on you and have you finally “see” it – it’s gonna come in the next 6 weeks. This is re-visioning (Mercury retro in Pisces, Sun in Pisces) the work (Saturn Retro in Scorpio) and then integrating it into the current version of your best self in the now. Hang Ten Baby!

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