For true happiness in 2017, Planned Parenthood suggests you do this

For true happiness in 2017, Planned Parenthood suggests you do this January 8, 2017

Most people’s New Year’s resolutions include eating better, exercising off those holiday pounds, or maybe even trying kindness for a change. But not Planned Parenthood; first item up on its to-do list: abortions.

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards wants everyone to be happy in the New Year and what better way to be happy than snuffing out an oopsie:

Sure, Richards would like us to believe that there’s more to Planned Parent than abortions but performing over 300,000 of them every year here in America (40%) makes them the nation’s largest abortion provider.

But you know, as disgusting as that tweet is, an unplanned pregnancy is without a doubt a very worrisome thing. Not being ready for a child is very scary. But here’s the thing: no one is truly ready for a child. Even if you think you’re ready, you’re not ready. Raising children is one of life’s greatest challenges, and it’s something no one gets 100% right.

I’m glad I didn’t get an abortion when I got pregnant under trying circumstances. Holding your newborn child in your arms is a feeling matched by nothing else. It’s too bad Planned Parenthood never promotes that.

Instead, Richards is more worried than ever that President-elect Donald Trump and the new Congress has created “the most dangerous moment” in her organization’s history and is pushing hard for money out of fear they might lose taxpayer funding. I, for one, hope they do.

Maybe they’ve used up all of the money from selling baby parts and times are tough. Speaking of which, click CONTINUE to see the best response to Richards’ tweet:

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