Wearing this type of jewelry is now racist, ladies – who knew?

Students at Calfornia’s Pitzer College were greeted with an interesting message on its “free wall” location dedicated on campus for spray painting “artistic representations of local and lobal issues” — a.k.a. grafitti: “White Girl, Take OFF your hoops!!!”

The three exclamations clue us in to how serious they are for this faux cause. But the “white girls” around campus had no idea what it meant and one of them sent out a campus-wide e-mail asking for an explanation.

Pitzer resident assistnat Alegria Martinez sent the following reply and explained to her that she’s a racist, cultural appropriationist if she ever dons hooped earrings. That’s for black people only. Well, brown, too:

[T]he art was created by myself and a few other WOC [women of color] after being tired and annoyed with the reoccuring [sic] theme of white women appropriating styles … that belong to the black and brown folks who created the culture.

The culture actually comes from a historical background of oppression and exclusion. The black and brown bodies who typically wear hooped earrings, (and other accessories like winged eyeliner, gold name plate necklaces, etc) are typically viewed as ghetto, and are not taken seriously by others in their daily lives.

Because of this, I see our winged eyeliner, lined lips, and big hoop earrings serving as symbols [and] as an everyday act of resistance, especially here at the Claremont Colleges. Meanwhile we wonder, why should white girls be able to take part in this culture (wearing hoop earrings just being one case of it) and be seen as cute/aesthetic/ethnic. White people have actually exploited the culture and made it into fashion.

Another student taking credit for the “art,” Jacquelyn Aguilera, added this mouthful:

“If you didn’t create the culture as a coping mechanism for marginalization, take off those hoops, if your feminism isn’t intersectional take off those hoops, if you try to wear mi cultura when the creators can no longer afford it, take off those hoops, if you are incapable of using a search engine and expect other people to educate you, take off those hoops, if you can’t pronounce my name or spell it … take off those hoops / I use “those” instead of “your” because hoops were never “yours” to begin with.”

Adding insult to injury, Aguilera attached a photo to the e-mail with her own hoop earrings in full view. Take that, racism?

This reminded me of the ridiculos claim that whites are racist if they wear nameplate necklaces because blacks (and browns) did it “first.” Um, no. It drives me insane how liberals always demand autonomous decision making for their personal choices, but go out of their way to restrict everyone else’s.

So, just to mess with them, I’m going to leave this right here:

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