Shaping the Witch’s body

Magick has been shaped on the able white male body. Right now the people with new ideas are those whose bodies have been ignored, used, othered. [Read more…]

Standing with community on Pride Weekend

In the mid-1980s I walked the Pride Parade with Lavender Magic. It felt both celebratory and dangerous. [Read more…]

Seven things I learned from Babalon Rising

At Babalon Rising I heard “Thelema is the religion that we are making.” [Read more…]

What remembering you on circle means

Whenever a friend talks about some difficulty they are facing in life I ask “can we remember you in circle?” Here’s what that means. [Read more…]

Performing a handfasting wedding

When I offered a theurgic devotional to Hera she asked if I would perform a small service for her. I said sure without really thinking about it. Note to self: when a deity asks you for a favor, explore what that means! [Read more…]

A book to jump-start Egyptian magical practice

This reprint of a 1998 book is a welcome addition to the Egyptian Magic bookshelf. [Read more…]

When the veil of life falls

How do you remember the people you have lost? How do you prepare for your own death?
[Read more…]

Women at the Parliament Saving the World

I was riveted by Dr. Vandana Shiva’s declaration that “the real solution of climate change is care for the earth.” [Read more…]

Cultural Appropriation and Theft

Exchange only happens when people are meeting as equals. Who decides what is cultural exchange, what is cultural appropriation, and whether cultural appropriation is theft? [Read more…]

Going Clear: is O.T.O. a “black magic cult”?

In the documentary “Going Clear” author Lawrence Wright called Parsons “the head honcho in this black magic cult”, the O.T.O., Ordo Templi Orientis. I don’t identify as a member of a cult or as a practitioner of black magic. So what does “black magic cult” actually mean? [Read more…]