Happy anniversary Patheos! #‎Patheos5Yrs


Happy anniversary Patheos! [Read more...]

Review: Abraxas 5

Image: Fulgur Press

The fifth issue of Abraxas: International Journal of Esoteric Studies contains treasures. Its luscious pages encourage the reader to turn slowly, savoring each new discovery.
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Thelema and Golden Dawn

I am a Thelemite. I am also a Golden Dawn initiate. I see these as complementary rather than competitive, and I’m in good company! [Read more...]

Top Three Kindle Biographies of Crowley

Who was Aleister Crowley? He’s been called a genius and the wickedest man in the world. Since he died in 1947, more than half a century ago, few if any are alive who actually knew him. Fortunately those who did know him left many documents, and he left a wide variety of writing himself, including volumes of his magical diaries, all rich materials for biographies. [Read more...]

A War Engine


Reading Chapter III in public is a challenge. Crowley himself says in the comment “The third chapter of the Book is difficult to understand, and may be very repugnant to many people born before the date of the book (April, 1904).” He could have just stopped with “repugnant to many people.” Imagine that your very first exposure to Thelema was line 12, “Sacrifice cattle, little and big: after a child.” Wait, what? We’re just being metaphorical here, right? [Read more...]

The Book of the Law

Thelemites are a people of the book: The Book of the Law. It is not secret but published in many languages. Unlike the Bible it is not interpreted by priests. In fact the book explicitly discourages explanations and interpretations. “The Comment” at the end of the book reads, “All questions of the Law are to be decided only by appeal to my writings, each for himself.” No one gets to tell me what the book means to me. [Read more...]