I looked up at the sun, and it struck me with a blaze of light. There! I said to myself. There is a universal principle worth worshiping! Read more

The sun is important to Thelemites. Here are some ways in which the sun plays a part in Thelemic rituals. Read more

When Crowley saw this object he did not immediately recollect an image of a past life. Read more

What would you feel if you came face to face with a monument commorating your death 2500 years ago? This is what happened to Aleister Crowley. He and his wife Rose conducted magical operations during their honeymoon in Cairo in 1904, and in the course of those operations Rose led Aleister to a funerary stele in the museum in Tahrir Square. Read more

These two vloggers are not only making videos for beginners, they are beginners themselves. Read more

In a dangerous world, imagine what it takes for a priestess to take her clothes off in public! How dangerous is that? Yet that’s exactly what priestesses do in the Gnostic Mass. Read more

The world is not safe for women. Women in the magical communities are not immune from this. Read more

This blog is one among many on the Patheos Pagan channel. I know many of the bloggers here. I have been active in various Pagan communities, Northwest and national, throughout my adult life. Because I am at personally home on the channel though doesn’t mean that Thelema should be filed under “Pagan”. Read more

As the Gnostic Mass begins the woman in the role of the priestess waits out of sight. The congregation recites the Gnostic Creed. When I am priestess I quietly recite the creed along with them. Just before I enter the temple I recite this prayer to help me transition from my everyday self to the ritual role. Read more

What we lack is Rose’s own description of her experience. Crowley said he heard Aiwass speaking from behind his shoulder. Did Rose? When did she know the voice was not Horus – when did he speak his name? What did she think the voice represented? Did she also experience the entity as her Higher Self? Did she hear it even when her husband wasn’t making an invocation? Read more

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