What remembering you on circle means

Whenever a friend talks about some difficulty they are facing in life I ask “can we remember you in circle?” Here’s what that means. [Read more…]

Performing a handfasting wedding

When I offered a theurgic devotional to Hera she asked if I would perform a small service for her. I said sure without really thinking about it. Note to self: when a deity asks you for a favor, explore what that means! [Read more…]

A book to jump-start Egyptian magical practice

This reprint of a 1998 book is a welcome addition to the Egyptian Magic bookshelf. [Read more…]

When the veil of life falls

How do you remember the people you have lost? How do you prepare for your own death?
[Read more…]

Women at the Parliament Saving the World

I was riveted by Dr. Vandana Shiva’s declaration that “the real solution of climate change is care for the earth.” [Read more…]

Cultural Appropriation and Theft

Exchange only happens when people are meeting as equals. Who decides what is cultural exchange, what is cultural appropriation, and whether cultural appropriation is theft? [Read more…]

Going Clear: is O.T.O. a “black magic cult”?

In the documentary “Going Clear” author Lawrence Wright called Parsons “the head honcho in this black magic cult”, the O.T.O., Ordo Templi Orientis. I don’t identify as a member of a cult or as a practitioner of black magic. So what does “black magic cult” actually mean? [Read more…]

L. Ron Hubbard the Magickian?

L. Ron Hubbard studied magick. How good was he at it? [Read more…]

L. Ron Hubbard and the O.T.O.

Lawrence Wright touched on the early connection between Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard and Jack Parsons, who was involved in a “black magic cult”. The group he is talking about is my fraternity, Ordo Templi Orientis. [Read more…]

Are demons real?

Medieval grimoires treated demons as fierce spirits with powers that could be harnessed to the magician’s will through compulsion. In psychologized magic demons are projections of our unresolved issues and repressed selfish desires. [Read more…]