But that is no reason I can’t share this article endorsing the ultimate protest candidate! Read more

(all images for this post are courtesy of Pixabay) Here we go with my semi-regular round-up of stuff I thought was cool on the internet, presented to you in trendy new slideshow format. First things first. Got an extra six thousand dollars? Don’t want to give it to me? I think you need a wearable, bobblehead-size hyperrealistic wool cat mask with moving eyes. Fortunately, they have those now.  An artist makes them for cosplayers and you can purchase them online. It… Read more

(Image: Missouri State Seal) Although born in the state of Georgia, I have no real childhood memories outside Missouri. My mother and grandfather were both born there and I was raised in my mother’s hometown. So when Missouri shows up in the news it feels like news from home. I was heartbroken when the evils of structural racism, government exploitation of the poor, and police violence in Ferguson came to national attention. And I am saddened by not surprised that… Read more

(Image via Pixabay.) I’ve only been a blogger for a few months. I don’t know if the Catholic blogging world is always as tempestuous as these months have been, but these months have been kinda tempestuous. It seems that there’s a whole sector of the Catholic Internet which feels they’re glorifying God if they can ruin somebody’s reputation. They’ve even mentioned me, occasionally, and I’m barely on the map. They’ve done a lot worse to some more famous bloggers. Just the… Read more

(Image via Pixabay) By now everyone has probably heard the news that Pope Francis is establishing a committee to study the possibility of the ordination of women to the diaconate. Reactions have been similar to the reactions we saw when Pope Francis mentioned the idea earlier this year.  A seminarian acquaintance of mine simply re-shared an article from a couple months ago which, while civil in tone, had the apparent purpose of predetermining the work of the committee, PRIOR to the… Read more

This letter from channel editor Sam Rocha. Many thanks. Read more

(Image via Pixabay) I saw these words of Amadi Lovelace posted publicly on Facebook and I think she is quite right: “In talking about Trump and the baby, people seem to be focusing on the idea of “who yells at a baby?” And it is kind of in line with our questions about his temperament to frame this as Trump yelling at a baby. But he didn’t yell at a baby. He yelled at a woman who had a baby…. Read more

Poor people come and go in a day’s time, sometimes, and you never see them again. They rent or squat rather than buying homes, and when things go badly for them, they disappear. My friend I met in the worst part of the neighborhood, when he had nothing but beans and rice to feed his picky children, stopped to talk to me whenever I passed his apartment for the whole summer. He introduced me to his boy and girl; he… Read more

In light of  the recent slaying of Fr. Jacques Hamel, Pope Francis was asked about the appropriate response to “Islamic Violence”. (Apparently established narratives, either about Islam being violent or about the acts of few extremists among Muslims have led to many not noticing the dubious connection of this murder with Islam.) The Pope’s reaction was deeply insightful: “I don’t like to speak of Islamic violence, because every day, when I browse the newspapers, I see violence, here in Italy… this… Read more

While this post was originally written independently of the Patheos Catholic Channel series, “Catholicity: Identity and Its Discontents” we have been encouraged to run it together with the symposium because of it’s thematic fit. Steel Magnificat both cordially invites and heartily encourages our readers to read more here. July is over. Thanks be to God, thanks be to God, eternal thanks be to God. I don’t know how the general public feels about July, but it’s the month I dread more than any other…. Read more

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