Four Ways to Miss God

We miss God precisely where we are most confident that we can find him. Read more

Is Meaningful Biblical Spirituality Possible?

Is the Bible too particular and specific to give us a meaningful spirituality? Read more

Opportunity in the Chaos

I want a world led by the blessed peacemakers. Read more

Use Your Imagination…

What any of us think about God beforehand is the single greatest determining factor in what we claim for God in any situation. Read more

Joining Newbigin House

Last week I announced that I have come on board with Newbigin House of Studies as Pastoral Director for San Francisco. Here are some reflections I wrote for the Newbigin House website about my new role–and an invitation to join me on this next leg of my adventure. “How do you describe Newbigin House to people who have never heard of it before?” That was my question to Scot Sherman, Executive Director of Newbigin House of Studies, across the lunch… Read more

Brexit and Trump, Fear and Uncertainty

Our votes underscore the need for wisdom in an age of fear. Read more

Unmeasured Desire for Life

Can we accept the idea that the limits of something might be part of its gift to us? Read more

Orlando: Our Stories of Heroes and Villains

The Orlando night club shooting shows us that we need a better story: one where guns are not the good guys and gays are not the bad guys. Read more

Jesus Stories

The Gospels are a latent power, waiting to explode our preconceptions of what Christianity must be. Read more

The Stories We Tell

There are facts. And then there are the stories we tell about the facts. Perhaps the most important thing that illusive “postmodernity” has done for us is to help us see that our lives and decisions and emotions and responses are driven by our interpretations of the world as much as they are by the facts that those interpretations are trying to make sense of. The Failure of Smart Yesterday I heard about a study that had been conducted. Science… Read more

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