Judging our faithfulness by looking at our consumption. Read more

What we need is for God to remember. Read more

We only get peace when we believe there is enough. Read more

When the Lectionary gives you contradictory pictures of God, slavery, and hating parents all on the same day… Read more

What if the fruit of lips that confess Jesus as Lord isn’t the words we speak or the songs we sing? What if those are the seeds that are supposed to bear fruit in a whole life’s devotion to God? The fruit, then, is the life of faithfulness. That’s a trail I run down this week with Jim Kast-Keat on the LectioCast. There are several threads that run through this week’s Lectionary texts, including the fact that God has great… Read more

The story of Sodom depicts the greatest threat to the church today. Read more

Reimagining praise of God and escaping the prayer Olympics. Read more

Hope that we are becoming better as “they” become “us.” Read more

There is enough—but how do we believe that and live that as a people? Read more

Making a claim for Jesus that is a hundred times more scandalous than his divinity. Read more

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