Feeling Wonderfully Blue

In the wake of yesterday’s unexpected (and Sunday-consuming) water heater repair, this morning’s “Bird and Moon” comic was just what the doctor had ordered:

Sorrow over the fact that we will one day live in an Attenborough-less world — “Sadly, there is only one known David Attenborough in existence” — is offset by the instantaneous cinematic association I have with Attenborough’s name: the extraordinary BBC mini-series, “Blue Planet.”

I cannot recommend it enough.

Watching “The Deep” episode for the first time was a borderline religious experience, the species and locations they find for their subjects are mind-blowing, and the cinematography is flat-out amazing. (“Planet Earth” and “Life” are nearly as spectacular, but “Blue Planet” was my first Attenborough, so it will always hold a special place in my heart.)

My only suggestion prior to babbling “OMG!!!FINDITANDWATCHITASAP!!!” for the rest of the day is to encourage everyone to find the Attenborough-narrated versions. I’m not trying to trash Pierce Brosnan. Sigourney Weaver, or Oprah Winfrey here, but David Attenborough they are most definitely not.

NOTE: I fixed the leak, which is particularly excellent news in the context of this morning’s -8° temps.

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