Snow Days, Wyoming Style

So… …we may have gotten a bit more snow during the night than we were anticipating. And it’s still coming down.

I’m not sure of the official numbers yet, but my unofficial measuring system puts this one in the “world o’hurt, shoveling-wise” category. Firmly.

In fact, we might be lookin’ at the largest single-storm accumulation since we arrived here in “God’s Country.”

It’s our own little Snowmageddon (though I’m also partial to Sarah’s “Snöwtterdämmerung” title).

The boys took it in stride, as always.

It was a bit trickier to get from one side of the yard to the other than usual.

But that didn’t seem to bother them.

They managed to keep themselves amused.

Plus, Mom just might allow them to join their RealSchoolMates in a snow day.

Now, if I can just get her to release me from my shoveling duties…

Attribution(s): My pictures. Of my kids.

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