Kids. They Teach You The Darndest Things.

Kids. They Teach You The Darndest Things. September 17, 2015

David IIA few evenings ago, while walkin’ about town with the Susanka Pack, I casually mentioned a friend (and his family) who were driving from California to Philadelphia to see the Pope. Most of the boys responded as I would have expected,  either with terror-and-concern (over the length of the drive), or with excitement-and-mild-envy (at the opportunity to see Il Papa).

David (The Fourth), however — a perpetual motion machine, both physically and cognitively — piped up with an entirely different take:

“Aren’t they afraid of the vampires?”

“Wait,” I thought. “What?” So I pressed him on it.

“You know, Pennsylvania. The home of the American vampire.”

Attribution(s): Dracula” (source) is licensed under Public Domain via Wikipedia Commons; “David” by me.

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