Some Monstrous Links for Your Friday Afternoon

Pixar’s Monsters University is definitely on my radar.

It’s not a direct result of my affection for Monster’s Inc. or its creators. (“Like” would probably be a better description of my response than “Love,” and I have some growing concerns about Pixar’s apparent drift into sequel territory.)  Instead, it is a direct result of their brilliant viral marketing. Like this. Which is AWESOME. (As someone who spends a fair bit of time wrestling with an academic website of my own, let me repeat: AWESOME. And I haven’t even called attention to their Facebook page yet, which is also … wait for it …AWESOME.)

“Screaming in the Rain?” “Vocal Master Class: Roars and Whispers?” Officially Licensed University Gear? Catch phrases like “Discover the Monster You Want to Be?” Love it. All of it. And let’s not forget the hack-job, either:

I’ll admit that the most recent rash of trailers (#2, #3, “Mother’s Day,” and “Teacher’s Pet vs. Party Animal”) have left me a bit flat, but a couple of timely “Art of Monsters” pieces — one from /Film and one from the Pixar folks themselves — reminded me that while Pixar’s story strength may come and go, their attention to detail and their commitment to aesthetically beautiful films — even films as unlikely in their beauty as a story of monsters in college — is forever. (Thankfully, I found much more to enjoy in Brave than Merida’s hair alone. But even if that’d been all it had to offer, it would have been worth it.)

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