Looking For a Marimba Concerto? I’ve Got You Covered.

The Previously-Discussed Welsh composer Karl Jenkins has written a concerto based on the legendary La Folia. For the marimba.

Your argument is invalid.

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I love contemporary composers who have a knowledge of and an appreciation for the past. Plus, anyone who names their album of strange concerti “Quirk” is worthy of more attention, in my book. Especially when he says he was drawn to jazz because it was tonal, and he disliked the atonal stuff he was studying. (Plus, I mentioned he was Welsh, right? Which means he’s got a great accent. Bonus! And a truly spectacular mustache. Double-Bonus!)

Recently, I have discovered a very interesting composer, Karl Jenkins. He lives in Wales and writes beautiful music, which is bright, accessible, and simple. I regard his Requiem a real masterpiece of contemporary music.

– Metropolitan Hilarion Alfeyev

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  • bharper8

    The Diamond Music. Meh.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/summathissummathat Joseph Susanka

      Are you referring to this piece, Bob? Or to the one for which Jenkins is most famous (though most would probably not recognize his name?)

      His sacred/vocal music is odd. I can’t quite get a grip on it. Yet.

      I think his RIVER QUEEN score is fantastic, though. Hard to find a readily-available clip, except for the MAIN THEME.

  • bharper8

    I was referring to the music for De Beers. But this piece, while pleasant, does nothing special for me. I’ll take a listen to the movie theme and hope for the best.

    • http://www.patheos.com/blogs/summathissummathat Joseph Susanka

      It’s a bit unfair for him to call it a concerto, methinks, Bob. Like nearly all version of La Folia, it’s a set of variations. Not really a concerto. (Still, I love that he’s tapping into the tradition.)

      Don’t ignore the mustache, either. That’s quite a praise-worthy accomplishment in its own right.