So It Begins

After many years, countless recommendations and conversations, and almost as many attempts to find a sticking point for the requisite courage, I am finally addressing one of my most glaring pop-cultural blind spots: Last night, I watched the first episode of the first season of “Breaking Bad.”

Yes, I know it’s only the beginning. But yes, I am proud of myself.

My only thoughts so far? What an odd (and fascinating) tone. That, in and of itself, would probably bring me back for more, even if I wasn’t making a good-faith effort to fulfill so many collegial obligations. Also, want your TV show to look great? Getting John Toll involved is not a bad idea. Not at all. (Oh, and I love the musical choices so far. Early indications are that Thomas Golubić is a genius.)

Further bulletins as events warrant. But don’t rush me; I don’t binge, at least not ruthlessly. I usually try to fit at least a day or two between each episode.

(That poster comes from Francesco Francavilla, who created/is creating one for every episode. I’m not looking at any more right now, though. For fear of being spoiled.)

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