Face-Meltingly Hi-Res Rocket Launch Footage via SpaceX


Again, I include my usual “Full-Screen” and “HD” recommendations, though the warning below is a fair one. (I tried it out on 2160 at first and my Internet…pretty much died.) Oh, and HT to the good folks at Laughing Squid, who provide the InterWebs with an inordinate amount of awesome each and every week. (If you’ve got a [Read More...]

In Memory of Stan Freberg, Here’s “Elderly Man River”


I knew Stan Freberg (the “madcap adman and satirist” who passed away on Tuesday) mostly as the Beaver in Lady and the Tramp. Or as various voices in various Looney Toons production. Or as The Man We Praise and/or Blame for Weird Al. But he also did this hilarious “Elderly Man River” radio routine, which [Read More...]

SVS: “The Dick Van Dyke Show”


So, confession time. But first, let me set the table (for maximum embarrassment). First, I’ve always loved Dick Van Dyke. The guy is an absolute hoot; a goofy, plastic-faced, comedic wiz; basically, a real-life (but uncreepy) Gumby. And he reminds me of my dad. I suppose that’s probably a big part of why I love him. [Read More...]

No Commentary Necessary — “Adam Eaton Channels Superman”


Earlier today, the White Sox’s Adam Eaton made a catch. OK, that’s not fair. He didn’t “make” a “catch.” He full-on Iron Giant-ed it. (That’s probably not an actual term, but should be. So if it’s not, I’m coinin’ it right now.) Your browser does not support iframes. Gosh. Just…wow. Definite shades of Jim Edmonds, [Read More...]

“It’s Great Not To Be Nominated!”


View image | gettyimages.com Today, while looking for something else entirely, I found this video. And it is awesome. In fact, if the modern Oscars had stuff like this, I’d probably watch ‘em. All 137 hours. OK, fine. I watch ‘em anyway. So maybe I should say that if the modern Oscars had stuff like this, [Read More...]

A Lenten Musical Journey, Coda


Looking back on my recently-completed musical adventure, I’m pleased. I feel like it did exactly what I wanted it to do: made my Lent both more meditative and more musical. I’m a bit surprised, though, at how much of it was Russian. And/or Polish. (I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. Music is the one place [Read More...]

SSF: “Hart’s Desire”


I can sympathize with either one of these guys, depending on the moment. (Also, I love the way it uses the expanding and contracting windows/frames/panels.) An aspiring hermit, an aspiring socialite and a shared flask of tea. Written, directed and animated by Gavin C. Robinson; music composed and performed by Mike Vass; sound by Keith [Read More...]

The Journey Is Over


He is Risen! Let the Alleluias ring! Haec dies quam fecit Dominus: exultemus et laetemur in ea, Alleluia. This is the day the Lord has made: let us rejoice and be glad in it, Alleluia. Attribution(s): “La Résurrection” by James Tissot (Source) is licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons; “Bells” via Shutterstock. [Read more...]

A Lenten Musical Journey, Day 46


Waiting; waiting; waiting. O tù chì dormi in sta petra sculpita d’avè suffertu da colpi è di ferite dopu d’atroci martiri persu hai ancu la vita, oghje riposi tranquillu a tò sufferenza hè finita. Oh you who sleep Within this sculpted stone And have suffered blows and wounds After atrocious torments You have also lost your [Read More...]

Complacency, Abandonment, And The Violence That Precedes Grace


This piece was originally posted on March 28, 2013. “Our age not only does not have a very sharp eye for the almost imperceptible intrusions of grace, it no longer has much feeling for the nature of the violences which precede and follow them.” – Flannery O’Connor I stumbled across that O’Connor quote earlier this week while searching [Read More...]