Half Disco, Half Exercise (Totally!)


Here’s a quote I heard breathlessly shouted by David (The Fourth Son) this past weekend, as he and James (The Fifth Son) were playing Just Dance 2 on their Wii. Half of this is us learning to disco, but half of it is TOTALLY exercise!!! Yup. He really-truly speaks that way. Excited and euphoric and filled with boundless enthusiasm, [Read More...]

A Lenten Musical Journey, Day 20


Today’s musical meditation comes from the great Thomas Tallis and is about as traditionally Lenten as one can be (at least musically): The Lamentations of Jeremiah. I’m sharing this particular recording for two reasons. The first? While I’m usually a More-Is-More kind of guy, I really love the tightness and sparseness of this version. And second? [Read More...]

SSF: “Tic Toc”


In honor of Count Rugen’s favorite day of the year – aka, the bane of any parent who’s struggling to bring consistency to their children’s sleeping habits — today’s short deals with time. And with losing it. Or maybe just running out of it, unexpectedly. It comes from a Swedish stop-motion animator known as “Guldies,” and has [Read More...]

A Lenten Musical Journey, Day 19


A short (but wonderfully sweet) setting of the Our Father from the famous Frenchman, Maurice Duruflé. Notre Père qui es aux cieux,que ton nom soit sanctifié,que ton règne vienne,que ta volonté soit faite sur la terrecomme au ciel.Donne nous aujourd’hui notre pain de ce jour,pardonne-nous nos offensescomme nous pardonnons aussi à ceuxqui nous ont offensés,et ne nous [Read More...]

A Lenten Musical Journey, Day 18


“Virgo virginum praeclara” from Agustino Steffani’s Stabat Mater. Virgo virginum præclara,mihi iam non sis amara,fac me tecum plangere. Virgin of all virgins blest,Listen to my fond request,let me share thy grief divine. Attribution(s): “Crucifixion” by Evgraf Semenovich Sorokin and licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons;” Bells” via Shutterstock. [Read more...]

A Lenten Musical Journey, Day 17


Taking things in a different direction once again — tacking away from yesterday’s Early (If Strange) Sacred Music — for something much more recent. Something even more unusual (despite the undeniable strangeness of Gesualdo). And something that is also, in a bit of a departure from my prior selections, much longer. It’s the nearly-contemporary (1981, [Read More...]

SVS: “20 Feet from Stardom”


This year’s Oscar-winning documentary, Citizenfour, is not currently available for streaming. At least not legally. Yet. Unless you’ve got HBOGo. A couple of the others — Last Days in Vietnam and Finding Vivian Maier – can be rented from Amazon Instant. And Virunga belongs to Netflix, so it’s available. But the winner? Nope. No can do. So if you [Read More...]

A Lenten Musical Journey, Day 16


Fresh off yesterday’s brief (but super-exciting) detour through Rachmaninoff’s Vigil, here’s the last of our “O vos omneses.” (At least for now). This one’s from the Late Italian Rennaisance composer (and nobleman and…ahem…murderer) Carlo Gesualdo. His stuff’s astonishingly dissonant (given his era) and wonderfully unpredictable, and this piece is pretty much a perfect example. (Just listen to how quickly it [Read More...]

I Can Almost See Springtime From Here. Almost.


The arrival of Springtime(-ish) in Wyoming is always a bit of a moving target. We’ve had some early Springs in our eight years (meaning something sort of April-y) and we’ve had some late ones (falling a bit more in the mid-to-late May range). But it’s all part of the charm, right? Besides, as Sean (Second Son) remarked [Read More...]

URGENT PSA: Charles Bruffy’s Choirs and Rachmaninoff’s Vigil, Now Streaming on iTunes Radio


In the past few days, as part of #MyLentInMusic project, I have spoken of my attachment to the wonderful work of Charles Bruffy and his Chorales — both Phoenix and Kansas City. What I have not yet spoken of (but which is no less true) is my attachment to the wonderful (and wonderfully Lenten) All-Night Vigil of Sergei [Read More...]