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Living Lightly at the Holidays: Three “Dos”

By Susan Vogt Author of Blessed by Less: Clearing Your Life of Clutter By Living Lightly For the past several years I’ve spent a lot of effort trying to let go of stuff — to live more lightly. This has included pruning my possessions, my time, and my mind of unnecessary clutter. As my efforts to [Read More…]

Holy Food Everywhere: A Q&A with Author Brian Doyle

Mostly I try to ask questions and shut my mouth and listen and stories come flooding in too many to tell. Everything’s eucharist if you look at it right, seems to me. There’s holy food everywhere. — Brian Doyle This month at the Patheos Book Club, we’re featuring The Thorny Grace of It and Other [Read More…]

Taste Every Moment: A Review of “Death by Living”

In your average Coldstone ice cream shop, you have your pedestrian tastes (strawberry and chocolate) and some esoteric ones (tastefully outside the box). N.D. Wilson, author of the new book, Death By Living, is on the faculty of an interesting educational venture out in Idaho called New St. Andrews College. He writes fantasy fiction for [Read More…]

Sex and the Single Christian Girl: A Book Review

By Lisa Rieck I signed the “True Love Waits” card as a teenager. I wrote a letter to my future spouse explaining why I’d saved myself for him. I wore a purity ring in high school and college. I was committed to sexual purity. Now, at thirty-three and single, I still am. Which is why, [Read More…]

The First Thanksgiving: A Review

If the Beatles had sung their song “Imagine” with Thanksgiving in mind, it might have started like this: Imagine there’s no turkey… Forget the stuffing too… No pie or cranberries… Just some eel and a turnip or two… Robert Tracy McKenzie, in The First Thanksgiving, hacks away much of the sentimental overgrowth of Thanksgiving. He’s not [Read More…]

What Our Hearts Know: A Q&A with Charles Eisenstein

“If my words fulfill their intention, which is to catalyze a next step, big or small, into the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, my very ordinariness becomes highly significant. It shows how close we all are, all of us ordinary humans, to a profound transformation of consciousness and being. If I, an [Read More…]

Sex and the Single Christian Girl: A Video Q&A with Marian Jordan Ellis

“In a world where “virgin” is deemed a dirty word and “slut” worn as a badge of honor, most people today don’t see sexual purity as something sacred worth fighting for. Sadly, many are seduced into believing a lie … one that says sex is “no big deal.”  Abstinence is about as archaic in our culture [Read More…]