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Death at the Movies: A Q&A with Lyn and Tom Davis Genelli

Tom and Lyn David Genelli met each other pursuing their own mystical paths, and soon discovered they also shared a love for the movies. Tom, a former film producer and director, and Lyn, a licensed marriage and family therapist, began to look at movies through their shared lens of spirituality, and particularly what they reflect [Read More…]

A To-Do List for God’s Glory

By Anna Quinn Today my to-do list includes: Driving the kids to two different schools Getting the upstairs heat fixed Cleaning the kitchen Chipping away at Mt. Laundry Working on a local charity race Writing this post My day has a lot of busyness and maybe not a lot of deliberate purpose. Most of these [Read More…]

Jennie Allen’s Restless: A Review

Jennie Allen’s Restless: Because You Were Made For More (2013, W Publishing Group, $15.99) begins with the assumption that there is within all humans an inherent desire to live a fulfilling and purposeful life. However, Allen has recognized as well that for many Christians, the activities and goals they thought would complete them have only [Read More…]

Restless: A Q&A with Author Jennie Allen

“Why does it feel so hard to not be numb? Because there is a war waging for our hearts, to shut them down. To disable those who love Jesus, and especially those who are surrendered.” — Jennie Allen, Restless This month, the Patheos Book Club is featuring popular Bible teacher and author Jennie Allen’s new book, [Read More…]

Welcoming the Presence: A Review of John Geiger’s “The Angel Effect”

Book Review The Angel Effect  by John Geiger I have always loved stories of angels, most of them in my reading shaped by accounts from scripture. John Geiger’s gathering of actual “sensed presence” encounters from people around the world, from many spiritual traditions and from those without such a tradition, is a remarkable collection of [Read More…]

A Prayer for the New Year, For You

By Father Robert Cormier Author, Better Than We Believed The Church’s Prayer for You Based on the Books of Robert J. Cormier ( We, God’s people, make this prayer for you our brother (sister). We pray that from the moment you wake up, every single day, you feel the attention and love from God that [Read More…]

Pete Wilson’s “Let Hope In”: A Review

By Amber Stamper Assistant Professor of Language, Literature, and Communication at Elizabeth City State University, NC Nashville megachurch pastor Pete Wilson’s most recent book—Let Hope In: 4 Choices That Will Change Your Life Forever (Thomas Nelson 2013, $15.99)—is among the latest additions to an ever-expanding pantheon of works by Christian writers on the subject of [Read More…]