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Saffron Cross: An Interview with J. Dana Trent

This month at the Book Club, we’re featuring a new book by Baptist minister J. Dana Trent called Saffron Cross: The Unlikely Story of How a Christian Minister Married a Hindu Monk. We invited the Rev. Trent to reflect on some questions about the gifts and challenges of her interfaith marriage for us here. Tell us [Read More…]

Lunching with C. S. Lewis: A Q&A with Alister McGrath

Prolific author and scholar Alister McGrath talks about his new book If I Had Lunch with C. S. Lewis: Exploring the Ideas of C. S. Lewis on the Meaning of Life for the Patheos Book Club.  Why another book on Lewis? The 50th anniversary of the death of C. S. Lewis led to a surge of books [Read More…]

How to Survive Life (and Death): A Q&A with Robert Kopecky

Now featured in the Patheos Book Club: How to Survive Life (And Death): A Guide for Happiness in This World and Beyond by Robert Kopecky. You claimed to have had three Near Death Experiences; were they different from each other? Kopecky: Yes, each was entirely different from the other, but all similar to other peoples’ NDE stories [Read More…]

On Discipleship and Christian Maturity: A Q&A with Ronald Rolheiser

Sacred Fire: A Vision for a Deeper Human and Christian Maturity, by popular Catholic author Ronald Rolheiser, is currently featured at the Patheos Book Club. We invited Fr. Rolheiser to share some thoughts about the new book – and the meaning of Christian discipleship – here. Sacred Fire is the sequel to your best-selling contemporary [Read More…]

Between Heaven and Earth: A Review

Hope comes in a lot of flavors and colors and it doesn’t matter whether we’re religious/spiritual or not. Hope is whatever drags us from one day into the next one. When we stop having reasons that make us do that, life gets bleak pretty quickly. Even more, when our “hope” doesn’t have enough elastic in [Read More…]

Creating Spaces of Quiet: Reflections on “Be Still and Know”

By Anna Quinn Our culture constantly pressures us to remain busy and engaged. Especially in the age of the iPhone and the Internet, it bombards us with projects, activities, to-do lists, urgent text, and entertainment. Even within the church, we generally feel pressure to perform. Although there is a perfunctory emphasis on having a “Quiet [Read More…]

Embracing New Media with Hope: A Review of “Mediating Faith”

By Beth Davies-Stofka Is social media a means of grace? It can be. Is the Spirit in the network, mediating divine grace in places like Facebook and Second Life? According to Clint Schnekloth, the Trinity is already working in and through our social media. In Mediating Faith (Fortress Press, $29.00), Schnekloth argues that “social media offers [Read More…]