Curating A Witch’s Calendar

Four years ago, I designed my first calendar. Actually, I’m such an overachieving and indecisive Gemini, I designed two… Read more

The Witch Is Not a Victim

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with admitting you’ve been hit hard by life in one way or another. Rather, I think it’s vitally important to address challenges, losses, gains, and changes. Read more

Huffing the Gods

I had been describing a ritual I attended to my partner, trying to explain why it didn’t quite work for me. Most of the time other people’s rituals have the same effect. Read more

Is My Vagina* Magick?

When I was a Witchlet, I swung pretty hard to Goddess side of things. Which is to be expected considering I was running away from Ye Old Patriarchal Jerk God as fast AF. Read more

Immediate Witchcraft: Flying With My Feet On the Ground

But perhaps the most beautiful thing about Immediate Witchcraft – and about being a Witch – is that it’s not about reaching a pinnacle or some level of expert. Read more

The Only Choice Is To Fight Nazis (Part 2)

My words crystallized their deepest fear: that I could see they were insecure and vulnerable. That their opinions ceased to matter. Read more

The Only Choice Is To Fight Nazis (Part I)

There is no safe space, no place to hide, no place to be silent. There is no “it’s happening to them, not me. This doesn’t concern me.” History has shown us what happens. Read more

10 Things I Love About ‘Pwords’

Sure there are times when people may cause me to want to tear out my hair – but the vast majority of Pword people are amazing, awesome people – and here’s why! In a goddamn listicle no less! Read more

Dark Deities Aren’t Getting Popular – They’re Necessary

But there’s a more profound reason why “dark” deities are becoming more and more visible: they’re needed for the times we are in. Read more

Meeting Hekate: Ecstasy and Unlocking the Crossroads

Seventy+ people, from many paths, all flowing together on a current of change in a hotel ballroom – transformed into a temple for the night. Read more

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