Pajama-wearing Super Heros: All in a day’s work

Seems I was trackbacked by a blog called Lucid Moments, and it’s a very entertaining place. I liked this post in particular, because it jumped off of one of my posts and expanded on it, and took it to an entirely new, fun place!

…I got this revelation that the blog nation is like a huge superhero action group. Kinda like The Fantastic Four, Team America, the Human League (wait–that was an 80s band), or whatever they were called.

You remember the Marvel comic hey days. I loved it when the Green Lantern, Aquaman, Flash, Wonder Woman, and all the freaky superheroes went to war against the forces of evil.They never gloated over their triumphs. Not once did I ever remember Spiderman doing a celebration dance on the back of one of his vanquished foes. The Hulk and The Human Torch never high-fived each other, then busted a cap into their enemies. Heck, all Superman used to do is collar the crook, and fly across Metropolis to City Hall, deposit Lex Luthor at the feet of the Police Chief, then salute the Chief on his way up the chimney.

“All in a day’s work” is usually all Superman would say.

When I think about how I link to each of you, how I’m referred to stories in the ether, how we tell each other about what’s going on—and the power of the medium…we’re like a League of Extraordinary Bloggermen (er, Bloggerpersons). Heck we even have cute superhero-alias names. Anchoress, Mighty Quinn, Weets, etc.Cue the announcer with the deep foreboding voice, “We can use this power for good , or for evil.”

Heh-heh. I am The Anchoress! In my snowy white nun’s habit, I patrol the outskirts of Media City and write mostly aimless blather…But by day…I am an over-caffienated, tart-tongued family laundress and driver of teenagers!

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