Yes, I have succumbed

Back when I was on blogspot, I would occasionally get these cute emails from folks saying, “how can I donate to keep you in bandwidth,” and I would get all flattered and thank them for their lovely and generous impulses, and remind them that Blogger was free, so they could just keep that buck or fiver or tenspot in their wallet!

And…of course…you can still keep the buck or fiver or tenspot in your wallet.

But I’m off blogger now, and eating bandwidth like that unpleasant girl in Willie Wonka – the one who blew up! My husband is a very supportive type, but he draws the line at supporting this incessant munching.

So, I have installed an Amazon Honor System-pay-thingee, which should be interesting! I’m only mentioning it this once, because I know you folks will notice it, so I feel I must acknowledge. I’m not a tin cup shaker; I will not whine and drop hints and shake the cyber cup under your nose, and I promise that if folks donate to the bandwidth fund I will not suddenly announce that I’m taking a break from blogging in order to write a book and tour Europe!

It’s just there for your utilization or not. Pretend you’re walking by and you see the Buster standing near the Anchoress’ cell, blowing on a saxophone, with the case opened on the ground. Peering inside the window, you can see the Anchoress bopping her head to the beat and typing away…or, scratching at a parchment with a quill, if you like! Maybe you’d like to toss some loose change that-a-way? :-)

I thank thee!

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