Affirmative action “good cheating?”

I’ve always thought LaShawn Barber does her best writing when she is riled up, as she is here, riffing from a David Gelernter column on affirmative action.

I can say with 99.9 percent certainty that those who endured billy club beatings, lynchings, firehose spray, and dog bites didn’t do it so that one day their children and grandchildren could be deemed pitiable, too inferior for equal treatment, and too dumb to strive for the American dream on their own merits.

Yep, she’s riled. Good writing.

The idea that affirmative action is “good cheating” is kind of on par with Eve Ensler’s absurd idea that a grown woman seducing a 13 or 16 year old girl is “good rape,” as depicted in her “play” The Vagina Monologues. Some ideas simply leave me slack-jawed in amazement.

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