An exciting new “Catholic” novel!

Julie at Happy Catholic tips us off to what sounds like a fascinating new novel, Valley of Bones.

Julie is so excited about the book that she is giving it a rave while still only halfway through it:

Aside from the intricate mystery there is the spiritual factor. Emmylou claims to have communion with the devil which leads to her being put in a mental institution where, at the detective’s request, she begins writing a confession. However, her confession is more along the lines of St. Augustine’s Confessions … and soon she is filling four notebooks with the story of her life. At this point we meet Lorna Wise, a psychiatrist who is determining Emmylou’s fitness for trial. Both Wise and Paz have actual moments of seeing the devil that Emmylou has mentioned but they manage to lie to themselves. Little doubt is left to the reader, though, that what they are experiencing is real. Strange personality changes start coming over Paz who is beginning to wonder if he is possessed and then shaking off the feeling. I am screaming to him, “Wake up and smell the coffee! YES, yes you are!” Obviously this is no ordinary mystery.

She has a short excerpt here.

Sounds good. My hubby has been complaining he has nothing good to read (he can’t, for some reason, every finish a Harry Potter book), so it sounds worth ordering for him.

If you are interested in the book, please note it is at the top of my bookshelf (scroll down the sidebar). Anything you order via The Anchoress Bookshelf generates monies which are wholly donated to the hospice which helped see my brother thru his last days, so I always very much appreciate it when you enter Amazon via that portal!

H/T Amy Welborn.

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