DNC uses Bush’s PHYSICAL for fodder?

Really…this is pathetic. When you have to use the report on the president’s annual physical to give a shrill yell, throw hate darts and play politics, then you might as well just give it up, get back into the sandbox and stop even pretending that you are grown-ups.

ATTENTION DEMOCRATS: If you want to be taken seriously – at all – in the next two elections, then you must learn appropriate responses. In this case, the appropriate response to good news about the president’s health is this:

We are happy to hear that President Bush enjoys good health, and we wish him continued good health as we proceed to work with him when we can, and in loyal oppostition when we feel we must, for the good of the nation we all cherish.

That’s called…A MATURE RESPONSE.

I swear, sometimes I just want to take these people by the shoulders and shake them and say “Grow up! GROW UP!”

H/T Michelle. Lorie Byrd is also pretty appalled. And Lyflines is just disgusted.

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