Queens, Super Heroines, Bugs and more!

This week’s Cotillion is up, and with an exuberant round of cross-posting, it seems.

As always you will find the Big Three Roundup at Cotillion, but if you’re in a click-around kinda mood, you might want to visit each hostess seperately and enjoy their themes:

Ilyka Damen has the We Queens theme, with some wonderful pictures, and she’s featuring links to photos from Camp Remembrance, a review of the Liberty Film Festival, a Helen Thomas Suicide Watch, Anti-Semitism, Forced Starvation and The Weirdness that is Bill Frist.

Portia Rediscovered gets rather kick-ass with her female super heroines (I want to be Rogue!) while linking to issues of Mental Health, Bush Bashing, the slow, steady eating away of the Right to Free Speech and more.

Sisu is the one gone buggy – actually, only one bug, but why should I spoil it? She is featuring Praise for Al Sharpton, Praise for level-headed UK Cops, Praise for John Roberts, Praise for Mark Steyn, Praise for Catholicism and Praise for Guns. Whoever said we’re not diverse?

Kellipundit (another good blog I don’t link to enough) brings up the rear guard, with Southern-Style refreshments you can enjoy while you read some of the most hard-hitting links in the Cotillion – we’re talkin’ military and terror issues, seeling Nukes to Eurabia and more. Check it out.

Check it ALL out!

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