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Yes, I know I said I was taking a break – and I am, I AM – but this came thru the email and I had to post it.

Chris Muir, the brilliant artist who puts together the Day by Day Cartoon has a sister, Cathy, who is currently being treated at the American Cancer Ablation Center. He’s not looking for money – he is looking for clicks, clicks and more clicks to help raise the Center’s Yahoo rating and perhaps bring some serious publicity (and that usually means dollars) to this facility.

All it takes is a second, but please click the link. Click it whereever you go for the next ten days – lots of bloggers will be making buttons available to you, so watch for them, and maybe whisper up a prayer for Cathy, Chris and his family with each click.

Since I am completely helpless, I cannot figure out how to make a button or install a pretty button for your clicking delight. What I can do, though, is ask you to click HERE, and HERE, and HERE, and HERE, and HERE.

There – you’ve clicked five times before you even left the site! :-) Thanks, and God bless you!

UPDATE: Beth at MYRWC took pity on me and gave me the code and detailed instructions for the sidebar button! :-)

So, now, you can give SIX clicks at my site!

Cancer Ablation Center

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