Ah, now that’s lovely

Coming right on the heels of my morning plea for a little more civility and a little less invective comes this email to yours truly:

If you fuck with Cindy Sheehan, you will pay

That lovely note was followed by both an aol mailing address and a blogger url…so I think I have what I need to make a report to both, quoting the mailer and getting it on the record that he has threatened me for…having an opinion, apparently.

I’d tell you who it was, but why give him the hits? :-)

It is inconceivable to me that anyone can read what I have written about Mrs. Sheehan and suggest that I have/am/intend to “fuck with her.” My criticisms have much more to do with the people exploiting her than with Mrs. Sheehan, herself. To suggest that I have written about her in a disrespectful, disdainful or in anyway uncompassionate manner is to willfully misinterpret me or to simply be looking for what is not there.

As I wrote below – if all you can offer in your emails and comments – re any blogger, on either side of the aisle – is invective, crude language and sputtering, angry threats, then it might be better to say nothing for the moment, get a hold of yourself, get away from the computer and re-think what you want to say, deciding whether or not you want to communicate an idea that may be reported to the people who keep you online, and to any further authorities, if need be. You can find a BETTER way to express your thoughts and feelings.

And all of that is true of bloggers, too.

In the meantime, my hard drive and back up disc are filling up with a collection of hate mail, email addresses, urls, names, places of employment and other information. I would be terribly distressed to have to use any of that information against anyone else…but if I feel for one second that my safety or the safety of my family is threatened, I will not hesitate to take the information where it needs to go.

This nonsense has got to stop. There is no reason for any blogger, liberal or conservative, Christian or atheist, to have to endure adolescent and vituperative missives, and threats to any person are inexcusable – noone should stand for them. Grow up, people. Grow up!

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  • SigmundCarlandAlfred

    Your AM post was great. We’ve been talking about the issues you raised all day.

    As for the emails, well, been there, done that.

    It’s upsetting that you get them, too. After all, you are so much nicer than us.

  • Myssi

    I too really enjoyed your morning post (I told you I’d be back today) and am sorry to hear that you were responded to in this way. Unfortunately, it’s not only in the blogosphere. It’s just more vituperative when people think they are anonymous. I’ve been putting up with comments at work today and yesterday which are less vulgar in language but certainly similar in tone. I told my manager today that when people started teaching tolerance, they stopped teaching civility.

  • Mir

    Sorry for the threat, A. I think you should do whatever you need to do. Discourse can get heated, and no reason why people can’t be passionate; but actual threats are a crime, as far as I figure, and that person should get in trouble. If you have the goods to report them to WHOMEVER, do so.

    Cindy Sheehan is no longer a private figure. She put herself in the spotlight, so if the light gets harsh, that’s part of going public. People have a right to support and to criticize her actions, to agree and to disagree. I feel awful for her loss, but as soon as she made her issue a political one, she has to be ready to take political fire. And she has purposely made herself a focal point of political fire, so….


  • Gracie

    Amen, Anchoress. You do what you have to do. We’re behind you. My opinion: Don’t stand for any of it. If you have what you need to report it, do it. Send the message to these folks that this will not be tolerated.

  • http://none Darrell

    Send all such letters to the FBI. Take none of it lightly. These folks need a reality check, they’ve had their way too long. Get everything on the record. Who knows you might even save us from one of them running for public office someday! Of course you did something wrong. You disagreed with them–did not follow they’re lead, step by step. Independent thought can’t be tolerated! Next you might even comment on the company she’s keeping, they history of anti-Semitic Socialist ramblings. That might distract from their “Rosa Parks” meme. Can’t have that!

  • bestdiva

    Anchoress, Darrell is right. Turn over any identifying info asap. Its not over reacting to do so. Its prudence.

    Darrell’s also right that when one disagrees the “tolerant” side goes ape. Just look at that Planned Parenthood video as an example. They are teaching kids to use violence against anyone who disagrees with them.

    I’m with Missy, they certainly did leave out civility lessons. I think if any of us indulges in this visceral and vindictive vitriol we lower ourselves to near barbarians. I feel as if both sides of late have had clubs and are waiting to bop each other instead of having discussion or debate.
    Tisk tisk.

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